Why I bother….

4 thoughts on “Why I bother….”

  1. I agree. I too don’t write much on my blog and, in fact, I have a bad habit of deleting content left and right or even whole blogs on numerous occassions. Clearly, this isn’t the best way to gain readership but whatever. Also, I don’t consider myself a writer and I think that folks shouldn’t feel they have to be ‘writers’ to have a blog and post on it when they give a damn. Perhaps that’s one of the problems? I don’t know. Blessings.

  2. Please keep blogging! You’re one of the very few kindred spirits out there for me to relate to, if I’m allowed to feel such a selfish thing. ;P

    But your comment about making things had me thinking… a pagan and polytheist craft/maker festival? Bah, a pipe-dream, I know, but so many of us make so many wonderful things with our hands that getting so much of it in one place would be an amazing event to me.

    I still plan on dropping by if I ever find myself in the area, though. S will bring some of his absinthe and I’ll bring some of my best tequila and we’ll have ourselves a night.

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