Why I bother….

So, catching up on my blogs, I ventured over to Sannion’s blog, and found this. He’s right, the Pagan community is reeking, seeping at it’s seams with writers. Go into a bookstore and you’ll find a huge section of metaphysical anything from tarot to the fluff of legend. Most of the writing sucks, or repeats.

I admit it- I suck at writing. No denial there. None.

But this is simply my language. Blunt, plain, straight-forward. I’m even worse in person, as I’m rough, gruff, rude, a wise-ass, and crude. I’m just that way. I smoke, I drink, I cuss, I’ve got more scars imbedded in my flesh from surgeries to injuries to bother explaining – I’m tattooed and proud of it, with a good layer of machine grease and/or soot ever present beneath my fingernails.

I’m an unabashed asshole. Yup, women can be assholes just as much as men can be bitches. Face it.

Not necessarily gifted at writing. I got a ‘C’ in College English. Now, I don’t bother with this blog to please people, no. I have very few followers on it, and I’m peachy keen with that. I accepted years and years ago that I’d never be popular, well liked, or agreed with. I’m an asshole – can’t exactly expect much…

Bears don’t make a plethora of friends…

I blog because I have the hope that somewhere in the internet, there are kindred spirits. You know, the folks I wish I could sit down with and share some stiff spirited drinks together. Because, I live in the boonies – not many people out here. And not one damn Pagan (besides me).

I like to show my work when I am able – because I have an obsession with metalworking. Surely, there’s another Pagan out there that drinks and cusses… Right?

…. Right?

I enjoy sharing at times, and I love the insights and advice I get in the comments. Good stuff.

And my juggling act called life takes me away from my blog. I don’t have the luxury of being able to sit and blog as frequently as my craziness ensues – maybe after a Powerball win. Maybe.

I don’t blog very often also because I am not like your average Pagan. I’m not self-destructive that way. I’m not going to look at your practice and pick it apart, trash talk it, or otherwise try to remove the magic from a ‘magic practice.’ That’s what I’ve seen many do. I think it’s so odd, for a community that professes so much belief in the occult, that so many pick the gemstones out of the mountain until it’s a dirt pile. Odd.

I’m a recluse by my very nature and this is an indirect way of an attempt of being social. I’m trying.

I think blogging is awesome, and a wonderful way for like-minds to connect even if they live on opposite sides of the globe. Marvelous idea! I love the blogs I follow, because I think their writing is insightful, thought provoking, hilarious at times, and kinship building. I do hope the non-writers who try to write… Keep writing.

I’m a blacksmith, metalworker, apprenticing machinist, crafter, a builder, an artist, budding musician, and attempted poet – as well as a hundred other things such as weaver, spinner, cook, inventor, tinkerer, etc. Being able to poetically write that so it looks 100% bad-ass… Not going to happen. Sorry.

So I will keep blogging – so you grumpy, ill-tempered, cussing, jaded Pagans can have one blogger out there that cuts the bullshit and frilly talk, and just says what’s on her mind. I hope to find yours if you have one (if I haven’t already) – and even if it’s over the internet I will still raise a toast to you. Because practitioners like you regardless of whatever stripe, are pure awesome.

**Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind writers on the whole. There are some extremely talented writers out there that baffle me with their eloquence. Just, flabbergast me. Putting words so well that understanding is instinctual… Takes a gift. But these writers don’t typically get caught up in drama, because they have bigger things to write about. Better things to share. And these writers are the ones I keep reading and re-reading. And, these writers are not that numerous, sadly.

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4 thoughts on “Why I bother….

  1. Spiritwize

    I agree. I too don’t write much on my blog and, in fact, I have a bad habit of deleting content left and right or even whole blogs on numerous occassions. Clearly, this isn’t the best way to gain readership but whatever. Also, I don’t consider myself a writer and I think that folks shouldn’t feel they have to be ‘writers’ to have a blog and post on it when they give a damn. Perhaps that’s one of the problems? I don’t know. Blessings.

    • That might very well be – I couldn’t say. I have to say, I rather like your blog….

  2. L

    Please keep blogging! You’re one of the very few kindred spirits out there for me to relate to, if I’m allowed to feel such a selfish thing. ;P

    But your comment about making things had me thinking… a pagan and polytheist craft/maker festival? Bah, a pipe-dream, I know, but so many of us make so many wonderful things with our hands that getting so much of it in one place would be an amazing event to me.

    I still plan on dropping by if I ever find myself in the area, though. S will bring some of his absinthe and I’ll bring some of my best tequila and we’ll have ourselves a night.

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