Back in the Saddle Again… I think?

I’ve been gone for a while- getting the gears back into rotation really reminds me of a train taking off. Lots of steam, screeching wheels, and slowly… Slowly a movement forward.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of metalworking accomplished, and they are being finalized and placed in the store, or given to the promised people I made them for. I’ve been given an aspen pole that was gnawed on by beavers – that will be a spear in the end. A goat horn is being turned into a salt horn for ritual use (well, being finished anyway), and other projects will be appearing.

Oh, and I finished those snake wands I carved from apple wood, and they’re being uploaded to my store right now… Anytime now Etsy… Anytime to finish loading…

Picture 458 Picture 460 Picture 466 Picture 467

Because, as I go to celebrate ‘spring,’ a huge blizzard is keeping me indoors. Good time to finish things up, right?

This post is going to change. My camera is being fussy (hence why I love tools that DON’T require batteries), and once I finish the technological argument with the damned thing, I’ll post some photos.

Soon afterwards, I’ll go on to my Ostern festivities. In a blizzard.

The Aftermath

Yup. Spring. Yay.


UPDATE: Due to the numerous private emails sent to me about the black knife, I’ll be making four more just like it. Just, thought I’d let you know!

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7 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again… I think?

  1. Yay! I’ve missed your posts

  2. L

    Oh my goodness, that black knife is exactly the knife I’m looking for!

    • It should be in the store tonight, after I finish sharpening it.

      • L

        Bought. 😉
        But yes, this is just thing I’ve had in mind since I was told to stop tearing pieces from the plants in the canyon and to use a ritual knife instead. Gorgeous work as always. (Oh and may I ask that you fix my address to include a unit #3? PayPal missed that.)

    • It’s up :).

  3. Wow the black knife IS gorgeous. I’m sad that I didn’t see it until just now or I would of tried to snatch it up myself ;). Looks like it found a good home though! Beautiful work as always.

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