Cold Snowstorm, Scattered Thoughts Collecting….

It’s been some time since I blogged. It’s been hard getting used to boiling blood again, getting reacquainted with itchy crafting fingers, ideas swirling in my head… Nagging the Hubs to get a move-on in the building my forge-shop


So, while the snowfall lingers outside, I stayed inside to read several books “The Bear: History of the Fallen King,” finished up ‘The Candle and the Crossroads,’ and looked through other works such as the Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook I inherited from my Grandmother, and more books besides.

I finished up some jewelry projects, ventured to the International Gem and Jewelry Show, and went from there. I post here some of my creations from the past (look below). They are up to good homes, but my store wasn’t the place for my professional jewelry making yet, I don’t think. I might make a separate store, I don’t know yet. One is a ruby I faceted myself via a class at a Gem Show (more convention, than show back in the day) and I put it into a ring. The other is a smokey quartz professionally faceted by the said teacher of  the course. They are not simple pieces of jewelry – these two are ritual tools that are powerful and I won’t relinquish them easily. There are several who have asked me of my prowess with jewelry:

EDIT: Granted, ‘prowess,’ is strong terminology… I’m out of practice at this point, and I admit that. I would like to get back into lapidary, would be nice!

Picture 448

The Ruby I paid, shit – bucket loads for. It was raw when I went to the class. It is an imperfect ‘x’ facet – but a ruby none-the-less. Yep, I can find jewels for affordability (welcome to a family of jewelers!!) The smokey quartz is a powerful gem of mental clarity that I am even more stubborn to give just away – granted, they need homes, but I am an old bear that knows value deeply.

Picture 445

Of stone, bone, metal, fur and feather.

So when I say “Hey, my Dad’s a jeweler,” I shit you not. It’s just how it is. I know lapidary work very well – it was a love I had before metalworking, if you can believe that. I loved it, the finesse and the gentle artistic touch that can make or break a gem or stone…. I loved it, and still love it. It was a kind of ‘catch the light within,’ for me. And holding the ruby I faceted myself….. Really homed in another aspect I had forgotten about. And, I will be getting equipment for it before too long. I am something of the ‘other‘ jeweler – I will buy raw stone and facet it myself… Which, if my building/shop is built soon I can have a guilt-free place to do it too………

*Hint to Hubs* Sigh.

I’ve become a sort of ‘Machinist Apprentice,’ of the last month or so. I love it, I live it, and I’m thrilled to keep picking Mr. Winter’s brain until it’s Swiss cheese. He has given me the impression, that he’s happy that someone can not only do the work, but loves to do it; and it’s a labor of love – that he’s happy to answer questions and call me over to look at different facets and gauges of machinery, that thrills me the most. My mind in this instance is a dry sponge – immerse me Mr. Winter!

I’ve been learning electronics, with their multifaceted composites to make the gadgets we love most, work, and why they work – I have felt the need to build grow in my being once again. Soon, thanks to Mr. Winter, I will be building Turn of the Century firearms, black powder rifles and pistols – a turn, in and of itself, in my black-smithing. My gift is machinery – and now I have a teacher. Am I thrilled? Um….. Does a ‘Hell Yes,’ suffice?

This is after, a more ‘grey‘ part of my mentality has unfortunately surfaced. My most beloved Grandfather passed away recently, and I’m trying my best to help with the effort. I inherited many things from my Grandparents, of which held so much emotional and childhood attachment to. I loved my Grandparents desperately, and I really miss them.

My mind has been in a fog lately, a dismal place where all I want to do is sleep, and stare into space. It’s a strange place, so addictive it’s unnerving when you really think about it. Because… You don’t know you’re there when you are.

Snapping out of it is hard. You get so wrapped up, so encompassed, that the exit door is the last thing you want to see. I went for it, even though I didn’t want to leave – and therein lies the wisdom: Because it’s a pleasurable experience, does not mean it’s the healthiest, or best for you.

So through a cold snowstorm – the fire in my mind still blazes……

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8 thoughts on “Cold Snowstorm, Scattered Thoughts Collecting….

  1. Love the ruby which happens to be my birthstone…email with price and I’ll see if I can come up with it. Haven’t even finished reading the blog post yet…eeps hubby is calling!

  2. Where was I now that I have dinner in my belly…let me know if you ever want to set stones. I’ve got a bunch of loose stones from when our (the gemologist) took us to gem shows that I’d love to have set.

    Nice to hear about the apprenticeship. Told Hubby and he whined that you need to make AR lowers instead of black powder [laughs]

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather and the ensuing stress. I’ve been worried about not hearing from you much. Hugs.

    • Sure, I’ll let you know! I’ll email you about the ruby.

      • Hey now, I’m going to build them because I love the era of the Civil War, it’s technology fascinates me dammit!

      • [chuckles] I did tell you he was whining. Roll your eyes at him like I do. 🙂

  3. Glad to ‘hear’ from you – have been missing your bullshit-free style of posting. Am very sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    • I don’t deny it – I’m an asshole. I say and type what my mind thinks, and sometimes it sounds and looks better in my head than in reality.. Still working on that ‘mind to mouth’ filter.

      Thank you for the condolences. It hit me like a shot-gun blast.

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