An American Wolf Ritual

Granted, it’s not a glamorous nor arcane name. I’m an American, and my native language is English. It’s not fancy, but it does work I think.

American Lupus Fest

Forgive me for not being the best photographer. I have my limitations. This is the morning’s ritual.

I pulled out the Wolf Deck (thanks to Aj), the corn wolf who had spent this past winter with me, my faithful coyote skull, my estoc (or ritual knife),  and yes on rare occasions I use a wand that I crafted, with this year gleanings from Lupa I was inspired to perform a ritual of two cups.

No, I won’t be going into the two cups, but their symbolism for the ritual, albeit in raw form this time, worked so well into the known rites of purification, health, fertility, and spring I can promise to repeat this potent little rite next year.

Then came the release of the corn-wolf, I felt strongly that it was only appropriate to release the wolf during this time. I used a method I learned from a Korean Shaman while I was stationed overseas, and I have used this method extensively from my ritual hunting to many other forms of release in my work.

Go Free!

Facing north, with snow still on the ground I set the Corn-Wolf ablaze and let it go free.

Picture 425

The night came, into oracles, prayers for many dogs and wolves came in, I offered on their behalf to Lupa. I had thought of all the canines I’ve known, the majesty of the wolf itself, and I even let my own two pooches join me in my ritual, and as their tails wagged, the little wolf festival brought in the joy of spring into my boonies home.

I spent the final hours of the festival howling into the night at my nearest crossroads – and loved the goosebumps that shivered over my skin. When I heard coyotes and some local dogs howl back – it was an awesome moment. I was glad to have geared up and ventured out into the cold! Drunk yes, but out and about regardless.

Definitely, will be doing this again. Definitely. I’m working in more and more wolf folklore into my rituals as the 15th passed, and I’m hoping next year to include more into the day.

It’s a start, and I’m glad I did it.

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One thought on “An American Wolf Ritual

  1. Spiritwize

    This is pretty cool, I love the skull. It must’ve been pretty cool to have the coyotes and local dogs howl back. Blessings.

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