You know, I think this isn’t the bigger, deeper issue. I think it’s the WANT for belief, but when an unsure Pagan meets one who is – or a practitioner that’s the real deal – it’s the inner picking, that ‘You can’t be real, because if you were, I’d do it too.’ No, not really. And because I can, doesn’t mean it is violins and choirs singing. Being so ab-normal myself, I actually envy the average Betty-Crocker Pagan, you know that?

The other reality is the watering-down of the actual interactions. Working with the Morrigan is frightening, working with the Bear-Mother is terrifying, working with Hekate can fuck your brain at it’s very core. Twisting it and turning it, and then bitch when nothing happens. Not surprisingly, not many like the Gods as much as these Gods don’t like them. But they don’t want to see it, because you’re right – they feel entitled.

It ain’t all that and a bag of cheetos, but it’s the best kind. It is, and it isn’t. Only a spirit worker understands this. Sure, you have access, but just because you have a room key doesn’t mean what’s inside that elusive and mysterious hotel room is what you expected to see. And a spirit worker has that weird mentality to take a deep breath, and open the door.

I hope that made sense.

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