January Moon: Cold Moon

It is the first full moon of the new year – it’s a potent time indeed. Fosnact has come and gone – and I prepare for my own twist on the Lupercalia for Lupa. Granted, it’ll be an American twist on that old Roman festival – how that’ll work in my American-Celto-Germanic tradition… Fuck, I have no clue.

It aught to be interesting none the less.

I spent this moon doing intense purification, and intense workings for those who’ve asked. It culminated tonight, as I drummed with my bearskin drum, and felt the bass of the drum rattle the walls – and as they vibrated, became instruments themselves. I let my double-headed drum beater ring in the first full moon with a loud bang, and during this moon – a lot of noise is made to chase the evil from the home.

As per the usual, I spent my moon with much avian magic. I worked with the Heron, Owl, Duck, and Swallows, and all that their own potency contained therein.

Picture 399

And, I take tonight to, well – take some avian advice. I have a semi-fictional story that needs writing, and the urge to finish it has been quite strong lately. Half of it is based on my real life events, the rest is well – fiction. The best fictions written are that way, no?

And I take another step back, as I frequently do – and you know something? I’m glad when the shit hit the fan, I bawled at my altar. I’m glad I let my heart bleed on my bear skulls. I’m glad I gave all of that to Them, and I stood up and kept going with things.

I hadn’t realized how strong my tiny tradition is, but god-damn… It’s resilient. I’m glad that instead of many going to abandonment – I went with the opposite. I never stopped, even though my spirit bled. I never left, even though there was silence.

It’s that moment, when the wheel of fortune is spinning the better way – that I breathe a sigh, and I am thankful. I’m stronger than I ever was.

Things are vastly different now, but, it’s the evolution of a living tradition. In the end, I have my Bear Mother, my Bird God, Deer Goddess, Horse Lord, and Wolf Mother…. It’s odd, it’s weird. But it’s stood the test of some of the most heart-breaking things I’ve yet to encounter.

That says something. So on this full moon, I rejoice, as well as cleanse.


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