Ah, Catching the Scent of Drama…..

Those of us who are actual bears – catch a scent like you wouldn’t believe. This time – it’s the stench of drama.

Labels. Pointless, if you ask me.

In the Otherworlds, it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself one of five titles (Celtic Druid Witch Shaman Magician, for example), you are you. You actually will get farther by honest politeness and honest naming – than anything else.

Hi, I’m Anne. I’m a blacksmith and leather-worker. I tend to think too much.

Many spirits have perked their ears with this. Just sayin’.

I don’t think a title does anyone justice. You are who you are – and for me, the more honest you are about this – the more I’ll like you in the end. So many people want that mask, that illusion around them when they fail to see their own mysteries of just being who they are.

Meaning – we could have something in common- for fuck’s sake we’re human. We’re bound to have something in common. I sort of hate the idea of individualism – it’s a trend where no matter how hipster, how different, how unique you think yourself to be – you’ll have something in common with someone else. But I love the idea of individualism as well – that unique chemistry, or components – that is what makes you – well… YOU.

I don’t attach myself to labels – because they rarely work in the end for me. I am a spirit worker – yes, it’s lower-case. It’s a description, not a title. I am a blacksmith – again, same thing. I am a leather-worker. I am an asshole. Nope, I don’t hide it.

I’m rough around the edges and I’m a rough person in general, and I have many deep battle scars. At work, the word ‘Pagan‘ works due to the ease of a Google search which leads to further understanding after lengthy explanation of my own practice. My writing is raw, but honest. Very honest.

I think the idea is nonsense – it isn’t helping, and Sannion’s ‘empty air,’ comment really does work for it. You can growl all you want to into an empty jar and claim it yours – but it’s about as much claim as the other fellow who also growled into it. In the end, it’s still an empty jar. Now, it smells of salted pork and bacon. Kudos… Maybe to that?

Truthfully, I see it as that old card game, I forget the title – but where you stick the cards to your forehead and guess what card you hold. It’s too difficult to see from the inside out, and it’s all too easy to see from the outside in – so in the end it could work out, or it could be disastrous. You are what you are. Sometimes, that Seven of Clubs trumps the Ace of Diamonds.

Labels are the same as cards to me. You can stick five or a dozen to your forehead – and in the end, you’re still you to me. I don’t hold any to my forehead and I’m still kickin’ ’round in the Otherworld. Sure, in the game of popularity I will always lose – but I leave with a smile, and an assured route home. Needless to say, I don’t complain much.

In truth, if you need that crutch – have it. I limp with a knee that’s rotten from arthritis, but I need no crutch. I am a limping smithy, that wounded warrior. I have seen, done, and touched realities that would make your skin crawl – but I still find humor in life.

Go ahead, have your ‘titles,’ if that’s what helps you to sleep at night. I don’t have any, and after many stiff drinks I sleep pretty soundly in actuality. I work with the spirits, my own Gods, and my Ancestors. I’m alright in the long run. Sure, the Gods who picked me are obscure – but again, I just shrug and go on. They’ve kept my stubborn unyielding ass alive after all the things I’ve lived through, so who am I to judge another?

In the end, I with more certainty than anything else won’t judge you – I… May ask a billion questions – but if you’re in the house of the Bear, you’ll be welcome to warm yourself, and to some food- and a thousand curious questions.

So… You want to claim such a lengthy title – I hope you’re willing to tell that inevitably long story that goes with it? I have my rum my friend…. But maybe you should bring some honey whiskey too.


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4 thoughts on “Ah, Catching the Scent of Drama…..

  1. Just talking out of my ass here but…

    Perhaps the importance isn’t with labels or titles, it’s the power and standing we associate with them, and why someone wants that power and standing. The title of Priest, Shaman or Witch, after all, is still a description, just like blacksmith or spirit worker. If someone really is a Priest of Jupiter for example, it would be silly for them to say “oh no, I don’t really do labels, I’m just a guy who performs the requirements made of a priest of Jupiter”. If someone fulfills the criteria, then the title, or label, is theirs, since all it is, is a descriptor.

    The problems come when somebody calls themselves something, not because that is who they are, but because it is who they want to become and/or who they want to be seen as for their own ego related reasons. These people invariably take what they see as shortcuts to spiritual knowledge (hah! There is no such thing!) and are constantly trying to legitimize themselves, because the title that they have is not something they are, it’s something they want.

    These kinds of people cannot be cured by anything other than the fall (and resulting humility) that comes from false pride.

    I myself don’t care about labels other than a shorthand to understand someone’s practice and identification. Perhaps because the ones that I have are plain to everyone and do not need defending (I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a student). But perhaps it’s because if a title or label actually fits, whether or not you claim it, it is how others will define you, and so there is no need to get upset over something that is a matter of description, and not ego.

    • Hello!

      You make some very good points there, and I agree. I refuse to judge, because I could very well be in the presence of a Priestess of Bast of 23 years, or a dedicated Voodoo Priest. Respect should come in many forms – whether or not I think they’re necessary or not.

      My post was mostly aimed at those fantasy pickers, perhaps I should’ve added that. I’ve met too many honest and true-blue practitioners of many paths to truly judge the acquisition of titles.

      You make some good points though – I raise a toast to you for that.

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  3. Duffi McDermott

    Here’s the thing, for me: I amclaimed by some Otherworld beings. I don’t tell anybody, in random social situations;. Why would they need to know,. I’ve only told with my teachersand people to whom I am really close, and even then only if they need to know. I like the shorthand aspect. It’s my experience that the more a person talks about hir initiations or Closeness with the Gods, the less there is there. YMMV, as always.

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