Workin’ It.

Well, as such is my station in life – I am happy to do Work for others if they ask. I am not the type to stick my nose into things or meddle, unless it’s horribly obviously needed (which, I can count on one hand how often that actually is, as things more often than not will work themselves out – magic not needed).

But don’t let that be a end-all, catch-all notion. It’s just me, and the fact that I am a die-hard homebody, and an extremely private person – it’s what I do.

But I have had many requests given of me to Work with the spirits on their behalf. Sure, all you have to do is ask. Otherwise, I’ll go about my business. Tonight, on the waxing moon of the New Year, I’ve set out to do a series of workings on specific days for specific means. I may be a grouchy, cynical, and jaded asshole of a bear, but I’ll get the job done. No worries. I know I’m hard to approach in person, no apologies admitted.

The Anvil

Always with an offering of rum to start the ritual.

Anvils are powerful ritual tools in their own right. I have two smaller ones for indoor workings, and after my shop is finished being built (WOOT! Ma and Pa – THANK YOU!), there will be some intense smithy ritual action going on.

Suddenly, I need a cigarette.

Anyway, I have been away because of this series of workings, and the finishing up of the umpteen projects I kept putting off. Such as, the tiniest flask necklace among others to follow:

Tiny Flask of Awesome

It’s about the size of a half-dollar.

So as I finish the workings (and as more people ask to join in) my postings will be erratic at best…

But after all of this, there has been this… Sort of cold acceptance of my purpose in life sinking in. I will never live the normal betty-crocker lifestyle, no miracles will come my way on their own, I will be the ‘outsider,’ the ‘other,’ in my normal daily life because of all the things I’ve done, seen, experienced – and I still live to tell the tale. I work too closely with the spirits, to just simply fit in with your average joe. No PTA meetings I don’t think, no soccer practice. I’m the odd one, the freak – that smithy you can visit for those problems that there isn’t an easy answer for.

Truth be told, I’ve probably been through it. Bring some rum my friend, let’s… Discuss, shall we?


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One thought on “Workin’ It.

  1. [insert intelligent conversation here] miss talking with you…not that I have a lot to say. Rants mostly about MIL and the fatigue of being ill. Ok, maybe a little about having a phoenix trapped under my skin. Take care of you!

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