This is dangerous territory – especially for any true-blue spirit worker. That part of you that desires, wants, and yearns – but it can be detrimental to your practice. Or, it can be a boon.

Those Gods and spirits – that want more than a ‘working relation.’

To the God-Spouses, I solemnly tip my hat to you. You, who can balance two lives, two relationships, and function normally. I cannot. I am too much like a ‘Highlander,’ line – There can be only one. I cannot split my focus, nor love. I don’t think it’s a detriment to my practice, it is simply how my deepest ‘gears,’ work. To you God-Spouses and Spirit-Spouses, I will always sit in awe of your delicate balance.

I have seen this become a form of escapism to would-be spouses of all stripes – to ‘escape‘ the mundane life for that spouse, to forsake everyday moments that hold portents, omens, and signs that are right in front of our noses.

It is the escapism that would have us miss the unconditional love that is right in front of you in our own living existence. It came to a head for me – after a long lapse of silence of a certain entity of several years – I had to say ‘No.’

I am blood-bound to my Hubs, and these past few weeks have shown that even though you may ‘think‘ you have a handle on things with all the relations you hold with your spirits- sometimes a wrench will be thrown in those beloved ‘gears,’ of yours – and a decision has to be made. It’s hard, so many memories and emotion, but boundaries are important for anyone working in the spirit world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a spiritual Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Russel Crow, Fabio, Richard Armitage, or Bruce Willis (this is intended as a list, you know what I mean of any spirit seeking ‘further’ bonding), etc. You will meet them. They will catch you off guard.

You will be surprised.

And… You will be haunted by them.

But that’s the point. You will be seduced by mysteries, by lessons, by the white mists that follow the Beloved Dead. Or, it may be one God, or Spirit, that awaits for you every-time you travel.

But I learned that to travel just to see them – is to forsake this life. I do live in this life, and in the other-world – but boundaries are hard to make, and even harder to maintain. So many spirit-workers, and shamans want to be ‘whole,’ but I see the value in a chipped dish –

It is a reminder, for me. I hope this makes sense.

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5 thoughts on “Escapism

  1. Too much. (sense)
    Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth

    It wasn’t an escape for me, but a new understanding that the mundane IS sacred when approached with a certain attitude. But yeah, I know what you’re saying.

    • I am glad that it wasn’t – after coming to know some would-be spouses, that was a disturbing trend I kept seeing. If I could split, I’d be in the same bowl as you, but so many aren’t though.

      • Elizabeth

        To be honest, I had no human partner at the time Loki came to me, so my experience was easier than that of somebody who was already attached. I had it easy — no partners, no kids, nothing that divided my loyalties and attention. It was as if some part of me had always known I would wind up as a mystic and a monastic, and it was easy to reframe much of my personal life as belonging to my new vocation. I’ve been living as a godspouse and monastic for about a decade now, and I don’t regret the way things are now, as difficult as it’s been sometimes 🙂

      • Too true, I’ll end up a type of mystic myself before I really think myself capable, and I’m still in awe of that balance, because my own self just, well – can’t work that way. Another reason I refuse to see myself as any ‘wizened one,’ because I couldn’t do it. I solemnly tip my hat to you.

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