New Year’s Eve

Granted, my spiritual ‘New Year,’ is January 2nd, but since I have to go back to work soon – I took the secular route. After all, people the world over are investing in this night….

Tonight I honor my French and Germanic Ancestry. I sing Choral des Adieux, Picture 371the French New Year’s song, while delving into German divination called ‘Bleigiessen,’ usually of melted lead – but in my living circumstances of the moment melted wax will have to do. The lead we do have has a purpose, and so I had none to spare!

I donned my bearskin. I drummed for my my Gods, my Ancestors, my spirits; I drummed for my Grandfather, my sister, and for my kin as a whole. May we all have a good year, with our own blessings to add joy to our individual lives.

With a salt-serpent to represent the World Serpent in my Working, I began.

Picture 361

I divined by the bones, and listened to their counsel. I threw then three times, and the message was the same. I took notes, and will remember for the year to come. The other prognostications have their clues. No, I don’t want to just share because my knuckles are worn from knocking on wood!!

I was given some old books and tarot decks from Marcia, a semi-local Pagan woman in the nearest town.

Picture 333

I have had a delima-  I have wanted a specific Tarot deck, that I can work with. It’s bothered me that none (now 21 decks I’ve handled), have given me any sign. With the Wolf Deck, I have another for traditional Tarot work, and rituals.

FINALLY. Granted, my face is beet-red for which deck it turned out to be….

I held counsel with my Gods, and asked, petitioned, offered, and removed this old stench of 2012 from the home. It’s high time, and I sang to welcome in the New Year (granted in French), and with the omens, new Tarot Deck speaking, and all the signs and portents – I await the new year nervous, but hopeful…

Picture 377

Upon the midnight hour, the ‘Bastard of the Year,’ will be sent away. Carrying out death is an old tradition in many places of the world, in various times of the year. It is not only a release of winter, but an embodiment of the old year itself. It will be drowned, stabbed, and burnt as an offering, banishment, and sacrifice on the hinge of the year.

I wish all of you a Frohes Neujahr, Frohe/Gute Rauhnact, and a good evening of festivities, clear divination’s, and spirit workings that echo long into the year!


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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Aaaargh! Tease! Which deck? Which one?!

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