The Act of Flight

You’re an asshole Hollywood… Making folks believe that they can literally change their physical form.. Yea, that helps the rest of us.


Anyway, this is a task I’ve been delving deeply into for the past few weeks, and I’m sure the rough after-tones have shown up too embarrassingly clearly.

When I lay down to sleep, with extra help from substances or not, it’s been becoming all too easy for me to just ‘leave.’ I halted it for a bit, due to the fear.I kept caution with me, I wear protective talismans on my person, and observed rituals for protection before I go anywhere. But I didn’t want to simply go to the Otherworlds, as I know I’ll end up a bear. I yearned for something different.

So lately, I’ve tried a different venue. I have been reading about the Old Hunters, and how they can ‘speak,’ to what they hunt. I have been trying with the ducks, geese, and pheasants. I got what I asked for, and the just desserts that go with it.


I wish I could find where this picture came from. If any of you know, I will gladly give the credit to such a beautiful painting.

As I said, when I lay down to sleep at night, I have begun a series of practices that as my body falls into slumber (slumber meaning being ‘out,’ but breathing. Otherwise, it’s as if I’m knocked unconscious) but my spirit is not. I tried a new method of approaching the geese, to learn more about them and hopefully convince them to fly closer. It was dawn, when it happened.

Geese are remarkable creatures, I’ve learned. They will actually wait for a wounded colleague, defend their own to the bitter end, and will slow their flight speed for ease of the elderly. They know ‘where they are from,’ and will return habitually. One goose will ‘stand guard‘ during nesting season. The power of their kinship – even geese who are not part of their original flock are welcomed and given the same treatment has been amazing to see.

Remarkable! How many people do we know that do that??

I was grazed in the leg as I flew with them (by a hunter). I made it to the local river, to get some rest. Now I have a horrible welt on my lower leg, and it is too true what the warning is:

What happens to you there, happens to you here.

It’s been a profound experience, and I share that warning to others who want to learn the art of shape-shifting. Yes, I know the jokes and mockery surrounding the Goose. Now that I have seen what I have, it really homes in the respect, and understanding that so few people actually see about these marvelous water-fowl.

True, it’s not ‘traditional,’ European folk tradition. I wanted to see if it was possible for me, or if I was just ‘to be a bear.’ There’s so much folklore about it, and practitioners being able to ‘visit’ the body of another animal even if it is different from their own primal natures – I just wanted to know. I used extreme caution, and made sure the Hubs was there while I was gone.

Just imagining a ‘bear in a goose‘ makes my mind spin in circles. But I know it has been deeper than that, much more of a broader occasion. In the end, I look to the sky as I hear some geese flying, and I look back at my own experience. They’re not just ‘some damn birds,’ and I do wonder the notion if I should explore, say, the wasp, or another creature.

I am humbled, even if my perspective has been greatly broadened.

The end result? The past several days have shown many, many more geese, and extremely low flying. The Hubs and I will go hunting soon, and I will take this experience with me.

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8 thoughts on “The Act of Flight

  1. Karen

    Thank you for sharing this insight.

  2. Birds are great teachers.
    An uncommon mourning dove came to me 3 days after the sudden passing of my cockatiel 2 years ago. She helped me a lot, soothed my pain and taught me much. And when I moved to another place, she & her companion came to say goodbye. I miss them both.
    Crows are also fascinating & smart birds: when one of the flock dies, they have a funeral!
    Be careful when you shape-shift, since it’s based on soul sharing or soul exchange, make sure that you are back in your own body and not stuck in another!

    • They are! I hadn’t expected to see what I did from Geese, and I do wonder about Ducks and pheasants now! What will I learn?

  3. Shape-shifting into various animals (sending out hugr) is very “traditional” in pre-christian Europe. Anything from mice, flies, walrus, birds, butterflies, etc. But maybe I’ve misunderstood that statement? And very interesting post. I only slip out on accident in dreams, haven’t ever tried provoking it.

    • Oh no, it’s my misunderstanding. Usually I hear about cats, hares, rabbits, toads, and mice. But Geese?

      Thank you for that. I needed to hear it.

      • Your post helped me as well. As I said, my hugr has left my body but at times its very awkward. Rooms seem out of place, objects are hard to focus on. I thought I was breaking the code of it, so to speak, but that surreal quality was making me question it. But while reading your post I realized that my hugr needs to connect to something material and physical (which, *facepalm*, because that’s in the ‘lore) to navigate the material and physical. Maybe I can actually work on that with some purpose. Thanks for inspiring me!

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