The Act of Flight

8 thoughts on “The Act of Flight”

  1. Birds are great teachers.
    An uncommon mourning dove came to me 3 days after the sudden passing of my cockatiel 2 years ago. She helped me a lot, soothed my pain and taught me much. And when I moved to another place, she & her companion came to say goodbye. I miss them both.
    Crows are also fascinating & smart birds: when one of the flock dies, they have a funeral!
    Be careful when you shape-shift, since it’s based on soul sharing or soul exchange, make sure that you are back in your own body and not stuck in another!

  2. Shape-shifting into various animals (sending out hugr) is very “traditional” in pre-christian Europe. Anything from mice, flies, walrus, birds, butterflies, etc. But maybe I’ve misunderstood that statement? And very interesting post. I only slip out on accident in dreams, haven’t ever tried provoking it.

      1. Your post helped me as well. As I said, my hugr has left my body but at times its very awkward. Rooms seem out of place, objects are hard to focus on. I thought I was breaking the code of it, so to speak, but that surreal quality was making me question it. But while reading your post I realized that my hugr needs to connect to something material and physical (which, *facepalm*, because that’s in the ‘lore) to navigate the material and physical. Maybe I can actually work on that with some purpose. Thanks for inspiring me!

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