Working while Inebriated…

You should never give me power tools after three stiff rum-drinks. Because of this, the Hubs has given me numerous loving nick-names:





You-Should-Add-‘Drunken’- To-Deaf-Bear


It’s-6 Degrees-Outside-Why-Is-The-Forge-Running?

Yea… The list goes on.

I tried my hand at wood-carving… And the results are, um… Mixed.I was given a bundle of sticks my sister-in-law harvested before she moved away, and I had procrastinated working with them, because I don’t lie when I say that I can work metal, and the more tools I get the better I can create…

But woodworking eludes me. It mocks me. And adding in 101 proof Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum….


I made a horse-head wand out of cottonwood, but it looks more like a female moose than a horse.

Picture 333

Ok, so rum may not be the best source of inspiration in some artistic pursuits.

Picture 332

The serpent wand is actually 3-D, having the serpent painted red was also a uh, ‘inspired’ decision. Forgive all the burnt bark in the photo…

I made a dousing rod from lilac, albeit not a straight one… But it actually works, much to my surprise! I finally carved symbols into an elm incense burner (also from my sister-in-law), and I carved a serpent wand made from apple wood. Why that felt so appropriate while inebriated… Well, I don’t know exactly.

Still working on a wolf-headed wand from elm, another apple-serpentine wand, and an plum black-widow one… How will they turn out? Don’t know. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these wands, but sometimes ugly just needs to hang out in the bell tower you know?

I did finish forging two more steel knives, and I love how they turned out!

Picture 334

Beautiful and sharp! I’m debating on keeping one….

I’m sure you can tell – I’m doing much, much better lately. With my bear-skin on, in full trance…. I let out a bear-roar with bottled up anger. Just, let that shit out. It surprised the shit out of me, but therein lies a huge benefit to living in BFE. If you go outside, and scream (or release a deep guttural roar in my case) … If you have neighbors:

Neighbor: You alright over there?

Me: Yea, I’m fine. Just, shouting out some anger. Um…. Hey Bob?

Neighbor Bob: Yea?

Me: Why do you have a shovel?

Neighbor Bob: Oh, Nuthin’.

Yea, so while having my deep seated primal nature may be a smelly, eternally hungry bear.. We all have one. Some are bugs, I work with a shit-ton of horses and beavers, live next to one badger, and one old retired ant. Sadly, down the street is a fellow who calls his primal nature a dragon, who’s married to a unicorn, with their child being part pixie, part elf, part <insert glitter terminology>. I’ve said before there are hundreds of ‘bears’ out there apparently. But being one is not all honey and nostalgia. Do you know how hard it is to digest hard hitting emotions? FUCK! If I were, say a grouse, it’d be a much easier task. And, I’d be one hearty asshole to boot. And you’d never smell me coming either.

Anyway, I’ve had two rum drinks thus far, and I have this wood-burner going as I work on that wolf-headed wand… Too bad the power drill is put away.

**Forgot to add that I’ve started with jewelry crafting.. Right now it’s wire-wrapped items, and soon I’ll be moving into more traditional setting and casting methods:

Picture 331

Bone Hare Pendant with Blue Agate wrapped in steel wire, on a steel chain. I think it turned out pretty well.

Picture 338

Iron claw on gunmetal chain with a rune talisman. And the skull? Well… I insert a shrug here.

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2 thoughts on “Working while Inebriated…

  1. My favorite has to be “Oh-My-God-Woman-Why-Are-You-Giggling?”! I have been on the receiving end of that one. I always know that when mine calls me sweetheart that I’m in trouble for something.

    Your horse looks like it is running full tilt and the serpents stick is nifty.

    I can’t do any of that…so I think you are doing great!

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