A very Bavarian Rauchnact

This Rauchnact has been wonderful, and it’s only day 3. Beginning with a ritual to welcome the Beloved Dead, and the lighting of the Ceppo, this year has been one of joys, good news, and relief. I drummed on my Bearskin Drum as I peered outside to see glistening snow in moonlight. There was an eerie stillness that made my hair stand on end on each arm – I felt the moment, and relished it. I brought in the ever-green boughs, and placed them onto my altar to be taken down in February. For my three-wicked ‘Ceppo,’ I chose this candle on purpose: For health, wealth, and wisdom. Meaning, ‘the three goods,’ of life.

Picture 319

This time of year, I came to a decision. I will have a six-fold year, with the lunar celebrations as well. In October and February, I will honor the bear. I’ve been rolling this over and over in my head for two years now – and as with many things that came to light at the darkest night of the year, many things are now finalized.

After the ritual, we feasted. It was delicious! Filling! Eating by candlelight, to the soft tune of seasonal instrumental music, the company was wonderful and we spent the rest of the evening in laughter, jokes, and thoughtful musings.

Picture 314

Many offerings were left outside for the Beloved Dead, the wild hairy beings that rampage as well – and offerings to the Antlered Weaver on Her hunt for souls, as well as the many other hunts that occur this time of year as well.

We broke open the honey liquor! Giving some to the Bear Mother and drinking some ourselves, the sweet hit us like a right hook.

Picture 316

Thou ambrosia! Liquor of the Gods!

Peeked outside as gentle snow is falling, and as this night grows, music will be played, rituals performed, and many other things besides.

Today I finished my 45 symbol-set, for divination. It’s been a huge undertaking, and even though my old rune set still speaks to me, after some honest opinions have been shared with me, I will stick to my bones and my symbol-set. It works, and works all too well. It was given to me by The Avian One, and I do intend to use it, extensively.

Picture 324

With The Avian One in mind, I have been practicing Augury with birds, and so far it’s yielded great results. I will keep working on this, as I now know how potent it really is!

Also working with my new Wolf Deck given to me by Aj for Rauchnact/Yule (Thank you Aj!!) which is working beautifully with Lupa. I couldn’t have asked for a better system for Her. Also, I’ve been trying to hang Hub’s cross-stitch gift also from Aj – but where to place it has been the ‘theme‘ with the framed beauty. You hit the nail on the head Aj!

I will keep ‘throwing the bones,’ working with my new deck, and now learning my symbol set. It’s only day three, and it’s been a great holiday. I spent part of my Friday night with my Hubs and sister, going to the theater to watch ‘The Hobbit.’ Good film, good company, and good popcorn.

There’s so much more I haven’t added, but it’s personal. I don’t know what the rest of the days will hold – but what I do every year is take each day as a prognostication of the months ahead – some will be cold, some will be great, and from tonight onwards – well, I don’t know. I am trying the old folk method with onion skins.. We’ll find out, won’t we?

I hope your twelve nights is joyous, and full of mirth. Gute Rauchnact!

** I forgot to add in Grandfather Raccoon! I was given His skull from Mr. County, and after emailing the image to the Vet’s office, He is a very, very old skull! On a bed of iron, in His jaws holding a skeletonĀ  key, the Gate-Master is ready for many workings. I have already gleamed many things from working with Grandfather Raccoon, and I do look forward to more!


Hello Grandfather Raccoon!

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3 thoughts on “A very Bavarian Rauchnact

  1. Yay on both accounts. Now that my craziness is passed, I’m working as often as I can to the 2nd part of your gift. So sorry it is so late!

  2. I love the detailing you have done on the skull, I have been mulling over what designs I would do if I ever found a skull to work with. Then my sister messaged me telling me she found the top half of a raccoon skull for me. Talk about serendipity ^_^

    Love your writing style and your sense of humor, keep writing *settles in to read more*

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