Clearing The Den

All of  this needs a loving home, and as much (as well as dearly) as I am attached to these items, I have no room nor do they fit into my practice anymore. I have a lot of items to sort through, so be prepared! Due to a dead camera, the books and other bones will have to wait sadly. Sigh. So, I’m extending this post until Jan. 1, due to a chaotic week, and long schedules.

**This post is subject to change and items will be added (or removed as they are taken hopefully) as I finish up (finally). My email is – if you want something email me, and I’ll take it off the list for you.

*** I accept trades, just let me know.

I will happily combine shipping!

I can only accept paypal, I hope that isn’t an issue for you readers. I’m very sorry, but I will have to wait until I receive payment before I remove them from the list.


Monarch butterfly in amber and a beetle in lucite. There are some scuffs from ritual work.
$2 plus $4 shipping.


Ceramic over metal bowl. It’s an awesome piece.
$8 plus $8 shipping

Picture 299

Smallish Terra Cotta Pitcher. Worked wonderfully for years, it does have some smudge stains from ritual use.
$2 plus $4 shipping.

Picture 300

Celtic Book of the Dead Deck, I had no idea I had it! It’s been sitting in the bottom of a drawer for years, and I never knew! No, I don’t have the book, I’m surprised I had the deck!
$6 plus $4 shipping.

Picture 301

Two Thor’s Hammer Pendants. Again, I didn’t know I had these… One is on a silver snake-chain, the other is attached to hematite bead piece.
$3 plus $2 shipping.

Picture 304

Mix of books I hope someone will love to read, and re-read. I’ve loved these books but I haven’t touched them in 2 years. As sad as I am to say it – I need to part with them.
$35 plus $10 shipping.

Picture 305

Small 4 x 4 inch box, green felt lined with a broken hinge.
$2 plus $4 shipping.

Picture 306

Antique Brass Ceremonial Axe. Works wonderfully, and is very beautiful up close.
$15 plus $15 shipping.

If you still see nothing you like, my store is always there.

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7 thoughts on “Clearing The Den

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  2. Duffi

    I’d really like the teak piece.

    Let me know! Thanks, Duffi

  3. I would like the goat’s horns/skullcap and the lot of animal teeth. I don’t suppose there’s any way of getting the mink bones and not the deer ones, is there? I have plenty of deer bones already, but no mink.


  4. Ooo…coyote skull…

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