Inspired… Maybe?

Sannion isn’t the only one in transition lately. I’m still sorting ‘The Den,’ out in my offline world.

But, his yardless-yard-sale (blog sale?)was inspiring. It’s so inventive! If there’s any interest, I have plenty of items that I’d love to give a good home to. From Victorian brass scales, Hawaiian teak, to a cast-iron gavel, some stones and some bones, a few books, to other random things that are odd but wonderful. But, I can’t keep them.

Any interest? At all?

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3 thoughts on “Inspired… Maybe?

  1. Pictures! We need pictures. The scales sound interesting but I have no idea what I would do with them!

  2. Agreed, pictures! And I’m interested in knowing what you have, assuming any of it could be posted to Australia.

  3. Working on the new post now! There will be photos, I’m nervous… I admit. I hope the items can find good homes. I can ship worldwide! No worries!

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