Ah, Good ol’ Metalwork…

My passion. My trade. My obsession… My Hub’s nervousness.

I got to get some metalwork done, and furthering along my last projects for a little while. I got a Rauhnact gift early, a machinist vice of the ‘pony,’ series. Yep, the Hubs has given me every girl’s fantasy:


He got me a pony.

Yea, when I forge I have to drag everything out of my house and set-up. I don’t like the temporary setting, because a good wind comes by and blows out my propane forge. I’d love to work with a coal-forge again, but I need a building to do that legally. Sigh.


I love the roar of the forge, not gonna lie.

I managed to finish some knives, and a weenie horseshoe that’ll go onto the store in the next couple of days (hopefully). More claws, and if I can swing the materials – FINALLY get to casting iron items from bowls to knives, bronze for pendants, etc.

Into the water, housed by earth.

My blacksmithing is a ritual, a sacred act. Every aspect is closely observed and afterwards I present all the creations of fire and water to Arta, and for ritual knives and tools I personally use, they ‘rest,’ on my bear-skin before any use with them is done to be ‘of the bear’ so to speak.


Go ahead, say it: D’awww….

Got four done, eight more to go….


Turned out a very keen edge, and I love the swept-look and the black sheath with black lacing! I ended up starting two others!


This one’s called the ‘Icicle.’ She was taken today, but I am in the works of finishing it’s two other twins.

Now that I got the ‘itch,’ taken care of…

I really wish I could get my mitts on some terracotta clay. I have ash wood that needs burning, and access to chopped oak and elm as well. I’d love to create old works of beauty for this modern age. I love sculpting, I really do.

Sigh. Now about winning that damned power-ball…

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10 thoughts on “Ah, Good ol’ Metalwork…

  1. Lovely!

  2. L

    God your stuff is so gorgeous ;A;

    That reminds me… canyon duenos specifically requested that I start using a knife when I take from the plants there instead of manhandling them. Quite a reasonable request I admit. Good thing I know just the person to go to for these sorts of things!

  3. As always, your metalwork is amazing. And Icicle is gorgeous! 🙂

    • Thank you! I admit, I was sad to see her go…. But I know she’ll be the conversation piece for three generations of a family, so I feel better about that. The other two will be done soon.

      Thanks for replying!

  4. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous of your setup. And I’m definitely jealous of your skill with the metal. 😉

  5. Sindr

    Wow, you’re coming on! The edges on your blades are looking very good indeed, and I like the twists you’re putting into your work. As for clay….get to digging! – not sure where you are, but depending on location you may just need to hunt round, dry it, mill it and there you are.

    • Yea, even a Journeyman Blacksmith needs to tinker to trigger the memories that are tucked away in the skull….

      I tried local clay, it’s too granular and it exploded when I tried to to fire it. Sigh.

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