December 6th: Family Traditions

* A tad late.. Due to the boonies’ shitty internet, forgive the lateness of the photos.

As part of the Yuletide Blog Festival, I take some time to think about my family traditions. Most of them were learned from my Gods and Spirits. I placed an offering upon the altar, and sent it with the tiniest hope, and a single anointed noveena candle lit for good tidings.

We opened our stockings on Dec. 6th, but unlike so many families – our Rauchnact, or commonly called Yuletide is a humble, family-oriented (not present oriented) and what would be alien to the standard commercial holiday. It is a staunchly observed 12 night celebration, each night a prognostication, and divination into each month of the calendar year. We spend this time of year singing old carols, played by hand on instruments, to the mood of rum-induced mind-enlightenment. There are very few gifts, but they are what we need, not an unnecessary want.

It isn’t much, but I have learned quite a bit being poor. Sure, you can have the fanciest and most astute status symbols, but so many people aren’t happy in that environment, or fool themselves into thinking the newest games or electronics will fill that gap within themselves. In my tiny home, my tiny little blip in this world – it’s filled with love, humility, laughter, naughty songs, and kinship. It’s this time of year where I do take stock of my blessings. The list is small, but I take value in that; I can truly love and cherish my few blessings, than get lost in the many and fail to see all their true value.

Three little lights

One candle-holder made of wood, one of silver, and one of iron.

Tonight marks the night when the beginnings of the heaviest marches of the Beloved Dead occur, to end January 2nd (after the twelfth night, or Rauchnact). The Antlered Weaver turns Gift-Giver, and I light a second candle (one for the Ancestors, one for our home, and One for the Gift-Giver) to be a beacon to Her in the night to match Her own. An offering of oats (and in some years when I can get it) other foods for Her deer, as she begins Her travels in the dark nights.

Tonight I prep my ‘Ceppo,’ as I am forced to use a tri-wicked candle due to living conditions – it is cleansed, and blessed anew for this new year. It has been handy to use this ‘ceppo,’ year in and year out. The continuity has been wonderful, and keeping it safe in the home through the new year has been a talisman all it’s own.

Tonight, a moment of silence is given, as I hear the footsteps thicken in sound, quickening, like a thunderous quiet…. I take this time to really think about something I got called today… “Hedgewitch.” I don’t know if I qualify for such a title. But I don’t deny that I have one foot here, and the opposite in the Otherworld… But I don’t know if I do, so I won’t claim to.

I’d best get my spinning done before the start of Rauchnact!

Picture 174

Beautiful white cotton to spin! Better get a move-on to finish the spinning….

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2 thoughts on “December 6th: Family Traditions

  1. Elizabeth

    Have a joyous Yule!

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