My Own Miscellany!

Yep, inspired by Sannion, I post my own tiny misellany:

I love this tumblr archive, each image is something that has really spoken to me. It is because of this tumblr, that I have changed my mind on posting photos of the Sacred. How else is others seeking the Sacred going to understand without images that inspire them? Wolftea is inspiring, artistic, and wonderfully done! I will consider all the points given to me, and present them to Those I work with.

Aj hit it – she told me that if it leads to their inspiration, consider her complimented. I’m done mulling over this constantly, but – I will try to work with word-press to prevent thieving, if possible… But she’s right, hiding the Sacred is going to inspire no one. Adding in the wolf focus, I’ve been inspired to make a ritual necklace to Lupa.

This is the tumblr.

An inventive idea from the Crossroads Companion – something I’ve been working on myself, albeit not a watch. It’s a protective bracelet, but I think the watch idea is so novel! Such a modern approach, so subtle but so practical!

And a group I’ve become a fan of, The Devil Makes Three. Their sound is awesome, and it’s should be heard! “Stomp and Smash,” is raw but polished, folk but urban. What could be better in our modern age?

Add in the Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge, which is about the Krampus, and I admit I am a die-hard fan of the anti-Santa. The other posts are well-worth reading, and are deeply insightful.

Ok, small miscellany, I don’t get out much. Hope you enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “My Own Miscellany!

  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I’m honored 🙂
    We must be thinking the same things… I also recently made a protective bracelet that I plan to charge on the coming dark moon. Made of snake bone and hematite 🙂

  2. Glad to see the tradition spreading, especially since you’ve got such good stuff in these links.

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