November Moon: The Dark Moon

This has essentially been a month-long for us. We’ve let go of so much baggage, and ‘stuff,’ that our home is clearing out. For the sprouting minimalist in me, this is a welcome sign indeed. We have found out how much stuff we don’t need, and it’s given us more room than just the physical, or emotional. It’s given us room to breathe.

This is the moon where I put on the brakes. A huge halt to life, and the go-go-go of daily living. Granted, my ‘go-go,’ is tortoise-speed compared to the urban life, but taking more and more time to practice music, sing folk tunes (and modern ones) is something we truly enjoy. Taking a night or two out to sit before the stove and snuggle, and just – talk. How many couples or families take time to just… Talk?

I cleansed and blessed the house anew with the clearing. Giving good-byes to old things, blessing the cleared space for (hopefully) new arrivals.

I’ve been finishing some metalwork projects. As much as I hate to admit it, I probably will never stop. Sigh. It’s ‘in my blood,’ as it were. I will be doing this at a slower pace, but.. That’s alright. I’ve been picking the brains of the older metalworkers and blacksmiths lately – until it’s Swiss cheese, I’ll keep asking more and more questions. Or, until their patience is thinned… Either or.

I spent the last two nights in a hunting preparation – yes, I ritual hunt. From start to finish, I sing songs over the skins (even if there’s a cuss word interjected into the lyrics), I pray, I take my time with them. It’s precious. It’s Sacred. I asked the Gods for fowl this hunt, and offered temple incense from a Buddhist temple I visited in Asia. I carried it home, and kept it, for only to be part of the most Sacred of offerings. Why? Because this incense was a gift from a monk, who asked that of me. I will honor that. It’s true Sandalwood incense, not as potent but just as potent as anything store-bought, if that makes sense. I don’t have much, and it’s precious. I hope you understand…

Bring us fowl, bring us luck, bring us a pheasant, goose, quail or duck!

Bring us fowl, bring us luck, bring us a pheasant, goose, quail or duck!

Granted, it’s not duck season, but a well-rounded working can do wonders. So this moon, I sit still. For once.

How long will that last? Well, I’ve taken to introspection and ‘denning down,’ as it were. I can’t say. I feel the call to the forge, but strangely also to the loom.

Perhaps not to strange. But this moon has given us a stillness, and we’re thankful for it all the same. It isn’t hard to have a simpler life, it just takes understanding and work, with a good dash of patience. It’s a loved recipe, and sometimes you have to turn the heat off, to let it simmer to full flavor, ya know?

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One thought on “November Moon: The Dark Moon

  1. Sindr

    I am finding winter is the perfect time for me to spin and work the loom. I think there’s something very deepseated there about winter work. In an ethereal sort of way, it feels like I’m just picking up someone else’s thread and adding a bit more length on it.

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