So this weekend…

So I got out of the house for a change this weekend. I received a ‘yes,’ to go hunting, and with the taboos and offerings given and observed, we ventured out. The pooches, though small are proving to be pretty brazen brush dogs. We wandered around two abandoned buildings, peered at spots of the South Platte River that had frozen solid, and walked through quiet areas. It was nice.

There are many ghost towns around these parts, and old buildings that were abandoned for many reasons so long ago. They’re silhouettes still dot the horizon when we drive to town, work, or otherwise. Quiet reminders of memories that we may never get back due to neglect.

Not sure what building it was, but with the walls collapsing inwards we didn’t want to risk going in to find out.

Oh – I came home with a bird nest that was abandoned in a tiny ash sapling:

Finished the boxes to ship tomorrow, so that at least is done. And then I set up the loom… And got addicted. Sigh. I had help though!

Who needs a cat when you have a dog that’s all too happy to roll around in your yarn?

So I began weaving. Boy, professional weavers have got to be the most patient people in existence! Trying to set it up was like trying to survive a huge family dinner on any given occasion. Delicate, and patience trying!

I got a good start though, and after the set-up, it became trance inducing; much to my surprise. I didn’t realize 45 minutes had whipped by until I leaned back and blinked at the clock. Pretty damn impressive.

Mostly warm earth tones and reds… Feels very soft and should make a good start to my blanket project!

Worked on a couple of knives, two of which are promised (the bowie knives) and I mostly wanted to study this type of knife and how to make one sturdy and

Not done yet, but so far so good.

reliable. You have to temper not just one edge, but 1 edge and 1/2 of the edge on the opposite side! It’s a welcome challenge that I’m glad I had time to work on. But after these knives, and the previous blades I’ve made are completed I’m taking a breather to just weave for a bit. Tired smithy is tired, and needs a breather, ya know?

But, I will be making a spear as part of that previously started series of projects, and finish a forked elm stang that will be shod with a small hand-made horseshoe. But after these, this smithy’s off to a small vacation. I am thinking I’m going to switch to jewelry crafting, or working with copper, gold, silver, and if I can swing it bronze. Small stuff. We’ll have to find out.

Or, I might practice woodworking, I don’t know as of yet.

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