Overcast Activities

Spent the day metalworking, and prepping my loom for weaving. Sigh. Counting 152 threads to start it is, taxing on the brain.

The knives should be finished this weekend, that’s the goal. More iron claws, and then I’m catching some break-time for weaving. I need a breather.

Still working with maceration of the bones, there’s some skulls left, I think I have a badger skull (I’ll take it to the vet to identify, I’m glad they’re so patient!) and some other bits that aren’t clean yet. I have a black coyote skull unexpectedly, and it’ll be treated carefully now that I know how rare it is.

And, I found a carded fluff of white wool that I’ll be spinning too – so this house-tetris has been an unexpected boon in that front. Also, two pewter Thor’s hammer pendants that I have no clue what to do with them… Sigh.

Ok, ok, back to counting.

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One thought on “Overcast Activities

  1. Can’t wait to see what you weave!

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