The First Day of My First Four-Day Weekend


What did I do all day? Cleaned my house, with the aftermath of our major house-tetris now 3/4 done, we’re now moving on to the final touches and getting the house back in order.

Worked on shipping boxes to various folks and finishing various promised projects to put them in; I’ll ship them early this year, because I’ll be able to Monday. Tomorrow is out of the question, because while so many were thankful today, tomorrow they’re relentless werewolves. I will spend my day tomorrow forging, and adding to my store but staying home.

I also did a healing working for various folks, working with the beaver, turtle, and duck. I offered delicious whiskey, wooden pieces for the beaver, and breathed into each of them my breath to aid them during this working. In lieu of not trying to completely shut everything off, I add this photo.

It’s been a calming day of rest, no hecktic go-go of any nature, we dined on meat, cheeses, and drank rum, grog, and toasted to a quiet day. Tomorrow, the work begins anew.

UPDATE: I’ll be practicing on the harmonica for the Twelve Night’s songs, and other folk tunes to play during this time of year. I hope if any of my Family Members want to visit, they’re welcome to some grog, and warm songs by stove-light and warmth and to sing to old folk tunes. You know, Auld Lang Syne, some Carols, and others played not only on the harmonica, but acoustic and violin if we can swing it by human ability. Good stuff. We’re hoping, anyway.

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