5 thoughts on “Thinking..”

  1. Know that if for whatever reason your altar had to be destroyed (I really don’t see any reason besides natural catastrophies and elements like water or fire) your connection to the Sacred would remain. The ties won’t be cut without the altar…

  2. I take pictures of workings, of temporary things, because the gods do demand they be show-worthy and beautiful. But I don’t take pictures of my shrine… well, I have, or have tried, rather. I’ve tried and failed because the camera simply couldn’t see what I saw, and if my audience couldn’t see what I saw either, then, what was the point? I’d be no one a service.

  3. I’m trying to keep that up, because completely shutting off doesn’t help anything. There IS beauty in ritual, I think ritual shouldn’t be all about showy-ness or a good photo op. I’ll keep trying, though very, very cautiously.

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