8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. I’m always amused at how many people assume Thanksgiving is a religious (i.e. Christian) holiday.

    I do celebrate the national Thanksgiving as a way to connect with non-pagan friends and loved ones, and to give thanks to the spirits who have kept me fed all year. However, I actually do live in an area where the harvest’s end coincides with the end of November, so it makes more sense than when I lived, say, in southern New Mexico 😛

  2. I don’t put any religion to it, as i know it’s a political move – not spiritual. Out here, the harvests have been done since September, another reason a November holiday is wierd to me. I have been insulted by the ‘c’mon, celebrate the real thanksgiving with us,’ ploy – as if my beliefs were little more than a hobby. OUCH.

    I used to do what you do, but the forced prayers and non-acceptance have taught me a thing or two for my own fold. Some aren’t so bad at all – but they’re a beloved small majority amongst a large number. If my in-laws called me, sure (in a heart-beat). But the large gatherings… I’ll pass.

    1. Well, I should’ve clarified by mentioning that it’s been several years since I’ve spent Thanksgiving with my blood relations, since I live clear across the US from most of them. The household where I live is composed of other pagans, and since the church we all belong to has already had three harvest/hunting/butchering festivals by this time of year, mostly we just get our friends together and eat and hang out. Also, a number of people we know are LGBT folks who are estranged from their biological families, so there is always an open invitation to others in the church to come spend the day with us.

      The giving thanks to land-wights and animals and plants is something I do on my own, since the neo-pagan rituals our church does largely focus on the gods as the givers of fruitfulness. Nothing wrong with that, but as I’m an animist as well as a polytheist, I like to give credit everywhere it is due, and my solitary practice is as important to me (more so, in some ways) than the group celebrations that I’m involved in.

      1. My mom disagrees but she doesn’t treat me any differently. So does my sister. It was many years before I told them and they believe I’m a good person just misguided. All you do is treat them the way you hope to be treated and try to not let them get to you. If they get rude then stay away. Hugs. I’ve been lucky and I feel for those that have troubles with others because of their beliefs.

  3. Being French, I have a hard time relating to the traditional Thanksgiving thing, especially knowing what it is all about. Now my husband & I live faraway from friends & family and to give him a sense of “normalcy” (for a change), I cook a European inspired seasonal meal (no turkey on steroids though, I’d blow up my oven before it’s even cooked) with the intent of being grateful & giving thanks for what we have and to the spirits of the land which have been quite generous (several gigantic butternut squashes…enough for my skin to turn orange I think).

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