Prayer to Karnona

Antlered Weaver of Fate,

The time is late!

Horn and hoof,

Born aloof,

From when the sun-burnt whispers call.

Opposing the main stains,

And the supposing drains,

Of all the thoughts and memories the mind lets fall.

Beating hearts,

With heating starts,

Away from any Urban Mall.

Quickened sounding,

Thickened wild grounding,

No door, no lock, no wall.

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3 thoughts on “Prayer to Karnona

  1. Natalie

    Well, I am absolutely thick as a brick. Anne, I just realized that you are the same Anne who sent me an early version of your book “Antlered Weaver of Fate” after you mentioned it on the “Elen of the Ways” FB page. I think I originally found this blog via Dver’s blog. Didn’t know you were the same person. Gotta love the synchronicity, even if it takes a while to see it!

  2. ROFL – I won’t deny one iota that I will answer to ‘Hey you!’

    Nope. No denial.

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