Dem Bones, Dem Bones…. Dem dry ol’ bones…

Mr. County has to be one of the best human beings alive. He was kind enough to gift me with a box full of old bones and skulls.

They are cleaning up beautifully, and will be given a hydrogen peroxide bath soon! From a beaver skull to coyote, to mole to avian skulls… My Rauhnact/Yule came early!


This season of the dead has been eye opening to be sure, and it will stick in my mind for years to come. He also gave me a pair of mule deer antlers:


Will be cleaned and added to my altar! The photo does their size no justice – they’re HUGE!


There are some items I omit to add to this post, due to their sacred nature and privacy. Mr. County has made my year – all these items will forever be precious to me. No, they won’t be sold – gifts this dear won’t leave our family. Many will become fetishes, but kept and treasured all the same. A couple of surprises were in the box too:

I was gifted twice now, this one is tinier than the first! I feel very blessed!


Oh, I know what I will be up to next moon!


In fact, I was inspired by the beaver skull. I have a host of folklore and stories where the characters (short stories, fables, and folklore) are animals. They’re tucked away for the future minions. I am thinking of painting some of the skulls to reflect the stories. It’s just a thought I’m chewing on.

To add the cherry, I received my new sun-catchers from Aj, and a cool bracelet (that I’m wearing right now). They’re hanging in the kitchen, and my pooches are fascinated by the bracelet.

Thank you Aj! I love the little bubbles in them – they catch the light wonderfully!


Thank you Mr. County and Aj, for making today freakin’ awesome. Thank you for uplifting a crest-fallen soul. Truly.

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4 thoughts on “Dem Bones, Dem Bones…. Dem dry ol’ bones…

  1. That’s quite a collection of bones! It will surely keep you busy spiritually speaking or not for a while!
    Is it a tiny frog skeleton that I saw above? It looks as fragile and fine as precious piece of handmade lace…

  2. I’m glad you like your gifts!
    For doing what you do, I’m awarding you with the “Witchy Blog” award.
    Feel free to ignore this if you wish. šŸ™‚

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