Blackberry Moon

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Moon”

  1. Movement has its message – it makes me wince to even type that. For me, movement means Oya, and Oya means change. And for me, that’s always catastrophic. My just appearing in someone’s life as an observer is enough of a catalyst for Change (sorry, apologising now). The Change is necessary, but it doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable. It’s also not fun being the one who brings it – rather lonely, really, but while I don’t enjoy it, I can at least now accept its necessity.

    Tear down what isn’t needed, rip up the weeds and stir the earth. It has to be done. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Just move.

  2. ROFL. Nah, I’m all too aware that ‘shit happens,’ in my life. It’s all good. If you heard my whole life story you’d understand why I say that.

    Movement is change. That’s a very interesting way to think about it. Thanks for putting it out there for me.

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