Blackberry Moon

*Note to Aj, skins and some gore contained therein. 😉

This moon has been about thinking for me, trying to digest the remnants of old emotions and modes of thinkin’ that any true spirit worker must face, whether it’s appreciated or not. Most folks will chock it to the side, but I don’t get an option for that. Nope, no time to set it all ‘sink in,’ either. It sucks, but it does thicken the skin to the point of a type of armor. No comfort zone required.

Man, I hope that makes sense. It’s the best I can describe it.

My Blackberry moon has been spent practicing taxidermy amongst other things – and I put up the

Sigh. I know. I’m not the ‘entertaining company,’ type.

skin and realized how different I was from so many others even locally. How many people do you know that have a fresh tanning skin in their bathtub?

I was so upset, to find that after I thought I got the fat off, that bastard raccoon has two more layers I’ll have to fight with after the pickling. Dammit!!

I’m getting the loom situated, I don’t want to take a photo yet until I get something started, otherwise it looks so empty. Sigh. Back to YouTube. So much donated yarn… Now to figure out what the tiny pieces do and how to work with them! If you know any good links or videos, let me know.

I took the evening, with the moon high in the sky to consecrate my drum to the Wolven Tradition. I was happy to have the structure to work with, and I am open minded to learn. My tiny little living tradition could use more structure, especially if my future kids might have an interest in it. I think it went well, my Gods and spirits were appeased, so I think I’m on a good road.

I work with a bear-skin drum, made from recycled steel, 550 cord, and worked metal handle in the back. It weighs 19. 6 pounds. The deep bass in it’s sound has shocked many people. It truly is a bear-drum.

Almost there..

Letting the paws settle in the salt-mix to dry them. I’m using a 1898 recipe, and it works wonderfully. I am still re-learning the laws, and if it’s feasible I’ll finish working with these paws for talismans for the store. The front paw is good for many things in folk magic, and I’ll finish them (hopefully) by the next full moon for you to work with. Everyone’s got a different opinion of the raccoon, and I think that’s the beauty with folk magic.

There is only one rear paw which I will be keeping. One front paw at least will be put up on the store, depending. I don’t know yet.

I took time to bless the bottle of Black Velvet whiskey too, in Arta’s sacred name. Couldn’t hurt to bless the ‘bottle of gumption,’ I don’t think. Another part of my folk magic that gets sneered at more than I’d like. Alcohol has been with the human evolution for eons. I drink for the taste, and I’m horrifically picky about what I drink. If it tastes like shoe-leather – PASS. But there’s no denying the influence in folk magic here in America.

I did some cooking today, making breakfast treats, to the bacon-wrapped succulent meal cooked in the broiler. Delicious.

I sat and thought about the first snow storms we’ve had lately. The snow really reminded me of the feathers shook from other bird-associated deities that tell us why it snows. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand as I thanked Etno for shaking his own feathers that evening. I felt the frost on my nose, the cold in my fingers and I found myself actually purely giggling for the first time in quite a while. The snow fell firmly, but gently enough to make any movie depiction shun itself in comparison. It was a beautiful moment for me.

And, finally – got more metalwork done. It felt so good to get back to it, this moon has a sense of deep satisfaction mingled with it.

There’s one more stainless steel leaf-blade I’ve made, luckily. There’s a slimmer leaf-blade, and other knives that I’m working with rattan handles to complete them. Soon!

So this moon was spent alone in regards to no company, a short visit from my sister Shelley, but otherwise solitary. I don’t think it was badly spent.

I think about the next part of the old wisdom I have in my old notes:

Movement has it’s message.

I think about this with the snow, the uniqueness of every flake. The subtle wind movements as they fell, and the the icy chill in the gentle air.

I think about body language, the unspoken part of our human understanding. How often do ‘actions speak louder than words?

I think about the falling leaves we all see around us, the motions of animals as they either migrate, den-down, or otherwise prepare for winter. Such small omens can have a profound effect on our lives if we take a moment to look.

I think of the ritual movements, the dancing and hand gestures so well known of in magic. Each movement, has it’s own message in this Work.

So much to think about, this moon will keep me thinking for some time.

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2 thoughts on “Blackberry Moon

  1. Sindr

    Movement has its message – it makes me wince to even type that. For me, movement means Oya, and Oya means change. And for me, that’s always catastrophic. My just appearing in someone’s life as an observer is enough of a catalyst for Change (sorry, apologising now). The Change is necessary, but it doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable. It’s also not fun being the one who brings it – rather lonely, really, but while I don’t enjoy it, I can at least now accept its necessity.

    Tear down what isn’t needed, rip up the weeds and stir the earth. It has to be done. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Just move.

  2. ROFL. Nah, I’m all too aware that ‘shit happens,’ in my life. It’s all good. If you heard my whole life story you’d understand why I say that.

    Movement is change. That’s a very interesting way to think about it. Thanks for putting it out there for me.

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