Remembering Wisdoms on the ‘Blackberry Moon.’

6 thoughts on “Remembering Wisdoms on the ‘Blackberry Moon.’”

  1. An interesting exercise – I applaud it! In reference to the subject I’ve put a blog up already as I had been ruminating about living on what is essentially considered to be a giant necropolis as well as why this has been and still is of great import to me.

    I don’t have any bones in my house – not that I don’t want them, but because I’ve never had an opportunity to acquire any. I wondered why that was, but then realised that I’m essentially surrounded by bones, they’re crunching under my feet whenever I walk outside. Hell, the chalk downs are the compressed skeletal remnants of the ancient seas which used to cover this area. I realised I don’t have bones because I don’t need them: they’re everywhere.

    On the metaphorical – no, the bones in the closet are never mute. And as I have found time and time again a good portion of my practice is going through those and speaking to them and then putting them to rest, again and again and again. Sticking fingers in the ears and saying LALALALALA may have worked as a kid, but it doesn’t work now. So I sort it out…it’s not pleasant, it’s not glamorous, but it is part of the Work.

    The bones are not mute – but it’s all right if you cannot hear them. There are certain abilities some are more suited to than others. I always wished I could be one of the Love-n’-Light types of witches; the ones who call themselves Lightworkers and who see the fluffy and sparkly things in the world. There’s something charming about that kind of witch for me. But I am not that type of Worker. I am terrible at woodworking. I can’t dance anymore. My divination skills are utterly naff. I can heal if it’s life or death but that’s about it. What I do is Greet the Dead. I paint. I write. I spin. These are the skills of my Work and rather than persistently try to do things I utterly suck at, I’ve learned to work at perfecting what gifts I have. It took a while to accept this: there is a lot of pressure to try and be a Witch of All Trades, that somehow if you’re not capable of doing many different things you just aren’t trying hard enough. If you cannot hear the bones whisper, honour them anyway, offer them what you are best at, and find one who CAN hear them.

    My tuppence, and thank you for the ability to share.

  2. Thank you for replying! I was beginning to think no one would! I do hear the bones speak, granted what I hear is rarely pleasant.

    I too see the charm in the love-n-light witches, I personally know a few. I wish I could see the world like they do, because it is a far-cry from my own nitty gritty.

    I am a jane-of-all-trades, but that’s just what I can do. I too suck at woodworking, but metalwork I can do. The big difference is that I’m HUMAN about it. Not showy, not ‘OH! Lookie! I’m awesome!’ because my spirits will kindly remind me of all the stupidity, failures, and other pokes that remind me: I suck at much more than I’m good at. Sigh.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. I do not have anything helpful to add…I’ve been stewing over this since I read it Friday night. I’ve never worked with bones. I’ve never felt drawn to work with bones.

    This does call to mind a sci-fi/fantasy book I read where the king goes into the royal ossuary every high holiday to commune with his ancestors bones which are highly decorated.

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