Henotheistic Polytheism?

9 thoughts on “Henotheistic Polytheism?”

  1. Because that stuff just plain don’t taste good…oh wait that is a flashback to last night’s conversation. Oopsy. 😉

    A lot of this is tied up in ego. I try not to get into pissing contests, partially because of the lack of a hose, partially because I’m well aware that I don’t know enough.

    For me this season is about the dead, the fleeing warmth and the incoming cold. While Hubby hunts, it just leaves me with his share of the parenting responsibilities. I don’t have a green thumb so it isn’t about crops. It is about the incoming cold, preparing the home, making it fun and cheerful as possible as we head farther into the cold. It isn’t the dark, I like the dark. But the cold, I so hate the cold. Even knowing how necessary it is, I hate it.

    1. ROFL. I need to introduce you to Honey Whiskey, so sweet….

      I love the cold, but it doesn’t love me back. Sorry for not calling an unexpected Loom showed up at our home last night!

  2. Good morning from Alaska, where the show is already over! 😉

    As a forager, I am probably tied to the agricultural season a shy bit more closely, at least as far as plants go, but our real brouhaha is the fungi & they rule the roost. They aren’t so fond of agricultural cycles. Besides, Alaska is on such a different timetable, that old Wheel helps not. We’re buried in snow by “Samhain.” Taken as the first frost, Samhain might come in September some years…

    I’ve been trying to make sense of it for a long time now. Rewriting & reworking this Wheely-thing to reflect what really happens. Listening to birds (1st guaranteed day of spring in Southern Utah is when the Turkey Vultures return), the Bovini, the Horned Ones (the moose are rutting hardcore right now, look out!), plants, the Sun & Moon, the cycles of my people creatures & always, always fungi. I don’t care much for what some menfolk said our seasons were about long, long ago as filtered thru the Llewellyn company.

    A toast backatcha too. Not a henotheist, but a semi-monogamous polytheist for sure. I do not talk or write much about my relationships with the gods — I consider it a private matter. But I appreciate the voices out there that do. Gives me some validation & a pat on the back saying, “see, you’re not alone… & maybe not stark ravin mad either!”

  3. My practice is becoming more and more about weather and climate and seasons independent of its relation to the growing cycle. At least, the growing cycle that has to do with agriculture proper. Man, I am seriously turning into a rain cultist.

    So yep, here’s to the cycles that have little to do with organized civilization! Feral indeed. 😉

    Cazadores, anyone?

  4. To L:

    I raise my own toast to you. I’m a metalwork and hunter worker, and little did I know I’ve become a bone worker. Gah! Move to COLORADO!

    To Mama Fauna:

    You’re awesome. I learn from your tidbits of wisdom every time you post. I wish I could find your blog again! Stupid WordPress has been finicky about links.. Ugh!

      1. Oh no! Yeah, sorry.

        However! I would totally very much love to visit Colorado, as I hear it’s a beaut, and since the hubs and I want to do more travelling after I get settled in up there. Not to mention that my mom can nab us a weekend in a timeshare pretty much anywhere, so I suppose… expect a visit eventually! (Any good microbreweries in your area too?)

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