So far, so kinda good.

On a twin tined antler, the carded and drafted fibers are wound around it. My black spindle is already started, and I have gleaned many an insight from spinning.

The rhythm, the poise, I found myself entranced quickly. I have come to to understand why men feared the spinning woman, the folklore around it, etc. My fingers began ‘singing,’ as I ebbed and flowed with the fibers. After my ritual of ‘dressing the distaff,’ the spinning took on an entirely different role from any form of hobby, into one of intense meaning, and a connection to women who have spun before.

And it is here, I place my book for Skyllaros (sp?) as he put his book online for download, and I have my book for download in honor of that: Antlered Weaver of Fate. I would like to know your opinion on the book, hell – any of my books.

I’ve still got quite a bit of spinning left to do, so I close this post with tinges of true excitement, granted however faint – but still there. Mr. County informed me of some skulls I might get which sparked the faint excitement itself. I’d hug the man if I did get them. Maybe dance a little.

It’s nice to be in a decent mood after a long while. My Friday evening has gone well, and my eyes are not so dark for once. Finally.

UPDATE: Finished the spinning, now.. I think I’m addicted.



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3 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Sindr

    Totally feeling you here on spinning, I’m having the same experiences with spinning (just got a rosewood spindle, and I squee happily). TONNES of wool in my house, for mundane projects, and not so mundane projects. Spin away!

    • I don’t have much wool, but I’m still working on that. I’ll be weaving soon, so I’ll be delving into that as well. I shall spin away! You as well!

      • Sindr

        Weaving is very enjoyable – a woman I used to visit when I was a child had a giant floor loom and she used to let us children play with scraps on it. Wish I had the space for a loom but I think I’ve got enough projects going as it is. Learn and grow with your work, and enjoy!

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