This blog is to my family members, and I place it here as it’s one of the few places to find me anymore. Otherwise, I’m off the internet.

To my loved ones, I have retreated a great deal. I have smiled little, said little, appeared little except on this blog. I’ve closed online accounts, and ceased speaking to many (Not permanently I hope).

I’ve been severely wounded by news medically, and it’s been a salted nail driven in deeply, that is hard to heal from. But I am trying to wash the stinging salt out, but it isn’t pain-free.

Do not worry, please don’t berate me. Don’t belittle me, don’t think ill of me. I’m turning to a hermitage, to heal myself. I don’t want to say anything harsh or words I would regret, or plant permanent feelings of ill will where there shouldn’t be any. I’m separating myself because, a bear can be savage when wounded. I know this.

I know you read this, my family members.

I love you, and I will speak to you when everything is calmed, and patched. I still can’t say the news easily if at all right now, and I will heal – it’ll just take time. I have gained much wisdom from this, but until it’s digested it’s still raw. I need to focus on things to aid the speed of recovery.

Though the wound is not gone, the pain is dulling. I’m finding it easier to achieve a level of happiness in spite of it. Call me stubborn. Slow progress is better than none at all.

I have disappeared, but I’m not gone. I just need time to lick my wounds.

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3 thoughts on “Hermitage

  1. Hugs. Not a family member but one still concerned about you. Contact me if you want to talk.

  2. justme

    “don’t berate me. Don’t belittle me, don’t think ill of me.”
    Never ever. Just hurting for you.
    “I’m turning to a hermitage, to heal myself”
    Heal well. Miss you. Hugs.

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