Apple Mint

** Disclaimer: This is information only. Don’t just go outside and eat a whole patch of the stuff if you’re taking medicine already. Menthol might react to it. With all herbs you should use caution and utilize research before using them.

A member of the mint family (Lamiaceae), Apple Mint can used medicinally for many purposes. My in-laws had a huge growth of it – and the mint family in itself can confuse many an herbalist by how similar the plants are in appearance.

Take your time, research, and you can start to see their differences. Took me a couple of months on the mint family alone – I’m glad I took the time. Now that I’m re-opening things from when I walked from healing, I have to re-learn myself about the herbs that may seem old hat to many practitioners.

In fact, there’s a book entirely to the mint family: The Book of Mint. Also, here’s this PDF on apple mint.

So, Apple Mint (Mentha suaveolens), also called ‘Wooly Mint.’ Gets used in

jelly’s, relish, chutneys, some sauces, and as a garnish. It is the mint that has a slight minty smell, but apple-ish tinge to it.

Actually, the menthol found in apple mint, and mint itself is a useful medicine, aids in easing inflammation of the mouth, digestive tracts, nausea, and easing coughs. It is an antiseptic (reduces infection), febrifuge (fever reducer),and carminative (prevents intestinal discomfort like cramps, or gas).

In some folk medicine practices it can be used for soothing colic, some say it’s good for weight loss, and as a metabolism aid, as well as an aphrodisiac. It actually works pretty well when used with tobacco on bee and wasp stings. Add to gin and you have a soothing tonic for heartburn and stomach cramps (and, a better mood in general).

This mint also has a good amount of Vitamin A and C, which it has in common with the other members of the mint family. Good stuff.

A Short History:

This plant has been known for a while. To check out the Greek and Roman side of mint, here you go. It was also used to stimulate the mind and the appetite.

In America, it was well known during the Revolutionary War. They were kept as teas because there was no tea-tax for mint teas, so it became very popular. Also used by the Native Americans and settlers, and the Native knowledge could fill a book of itself.

In other Work, apple mint is a good herb for money, beauty, and apparently hospitality (I keep seeing this mint as the Greek “Herb of Hospitality”), and I substitute apple mint if I can’t find horehound for an herbal smoke I use.
So there you have it – a short post on apple mint beyond jelly and garnish. I would post recipes, but – they were given to me by family, and Mrs. Friztler before she passed away. It’s kinda personal, no offense.

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