Warning: Danger Will Robinson!

6 thoughts on “Warning: Danger Will Robinson!”

  1. Kind of reading all these posts backwards, but that is what I get when I can only read once a week or so. Maybe more like two weeks. So sorry to learn you face troubles — personal, physical & internet-al (i made that up). Lurker me, I very much relish your blog. You make me feel not so alone. I too am a polytheist & “spirit-worker” of sorts, though we animists generally have a different style about it. Your candid, honest ways keep me coming back for more — I like it. Most shiny people on the internet are building a cult of personality so that they can sell something. That turns me off. I just want to know what other people-creatures are DOING — how do they relate to the gods & other than human persons. I don’t care how sexy/glittery/glam you are. (What does an four decade old animist mother care about woo-woo sexy pagans?) Yeah, you sell stuff, but it’s not in my face. You’re not shiny, you’re just Anne. I dig that. If you have to take some time off, so be it, but I just want to say this lurker will miss you.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I won’t be vanishing from this blog – my Work has been my main focus, and my projects intertwine with it. I need the focus, because picking at a wound by dwelling on it won’t heal it. You have to patch it, and leave it be.

    “You’re not shiny,” thanks for the chuckle! No, more like half-rusted, scratched up, soot covered, and duct-taped. Don’t forget the swearing that went into all that either ;). I don’t want to think what ‘cult of personality,’ I’d make – I just sit here, and stare wildly at my keyboard thinking about it. I’m very thankful to be too rough and too blunt.

    I just needed a change to reflect things, and I’m actually pretty relieved with how things are flowing. Again, thank you for the kindness. It is very, very appreciated.

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