I’ve felt it in the air for some time. I’ve done so much introspection this autumn, that looking at how I view things now versus before all this inner-looking and clearing out has altered my perspective quite a bit.

Now that there’s snow on the ground, there can be no more wild-harvesting. I have pickled enough foods that half my fridge is pickled this or that, and now the seasons for more wild game are open. We will be out and about.

I have not done much metalwork lately, because my forge is getting some upgrades. I will be able to do more than I had previously, with the small collection of tools I already had on hand. With these new tools, I will be able to make torcs, more refined knives, rings, bracelets, other items like buckles and holders, lanterns and other stuff. I am happy to be able to go deeper into the metalwork, and Gods willing I’ll start sand-casting soon as I have some copper and iron shavings I need to melt down.

Also working on getting some terra cotta to work with, in which to make ash-wood and oak wood fired pottery. I have many ideas for what to make, and if you have something you’d like made after I get the clay, let me know.

There is a loom I should be getting soon as well, so textiles will be popping up too. My wool is still en-route here, and when it arrives spinning will commence. So today, I worked on small projects as I try to be patient. Change is in the air, and well – it hasn’t settled yet. With all the exciting new projects I’ll be able to get back into, my leg is still kicking.

I made a Bison Bundle, from the bison bone I found at the Platte River, with a carnelian, strips of elk-hide, and a reproduction arrowhead made by a local artist (who ironically loves bison). Not sure of it’s fate yet, as of now it’s in a blue flannel pouch inside a nice box.

Took out my enamel and painted an evil eye pendant that I found at a flea market:

Pewter painted in enamel.

Made a chime to guard my home; from white-tail deer antler, bells, metal-worked rings with signs engraved onto them, and jet. Sorry, no photos – it’s pretty personal. If you want to see it, stop by sometime.

The swallow skull has been cleaned and whitened. Simply painted, the dainty little new addition will be given a closely guarded place due to it’s fragility. So far, it’s proven to be a good omen. It’s nice to get those from time to time.

Tiny, tiny little creature.

With one of the wings from the box I made a new fan for my Work. Pheasants are a tie to the local area here, and with some work done to it has become a very strong addition to my tools. So now I finally don’t feel so out of place, given that I quit fighting things that had no business being trifled with in the first place. A bear makes their den where they can, and I’ve made mine here. So, with the Winter turning over, the fighting done and over with, things are looking vastly different for me. I will rest beneath the roots I have lain, and go from there. With that, I don’t feel comfortable showing the end result, no offense.

My apprenticeship begins soon, and I will take my time to absorb, listen, and learn from my mentor(s) as well as I hope to gain structure, and have people to ask any questions to.

My father-in-law visited, handing off the first of many upgrades to my little

Small, but oh so gorgeous!

forge. Too wet to work today, but the upcoming weekend looks to be much better. We talked for a while, of the hunting that he had just done and what he saw – and gifted me with a beautiful Teal Duck wing. The little nibbles that held on the the bone were given to very.. Very happy pooches.

So, with a new outlook, new blog look, new perspectives, change has come through my life. This time, things haven’t been all that bad. Phew.

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2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Sindr

    I rejoice; there is much change happening this time of year and I see a lot of people tapping into that at the moment. This is good. May you learn much!

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