Oh, the winds do blow –

13 thoughts on “Oh, the winds do blow –”

  1. My power animal (at least the first one) is nothing like a roaring tiger, in fact when I tell people they laugh: it’s a mouse!
    Fine with me, I’ve always loved rodents.
    The mouse has the ability to be around, see, hear without people noticing. My husband sometimes says he can’t feel my presence and I’ve had teachers in school not seeing me even though I was there amongst the students.
    Mice are survivors, they can make due with what they’ve got and they don’t need much. So I’m glad to be a mouse ;).

      1. The reason I questioned for these past years is because.. well – a BEAR? Really? How many others are there? I think it’s the severe jading I’ve received with the Pagan community, after 80+ bears, 100+ wolves, 50+ foxes, etc., it just becomes unbelievable.

      2. Any living/extinct/imaginary animal can become a power/totem animal. Some stay, some go, some are just passing, some show up later on your path, some come to teach you a thing or two, some come to warn you…
        I just dreamt of an opossum a couple days ago. Don’t really know why so I am doing some research as to the meaning of opossum medicine and how it applies to the current events in my life.
        This little fellow has even inspired the beginning of a short story I might include in my book…

    1. And there are those animals that are a primal part of you, despite how disappointed you could very well be in what makes you what you are on the deepest level.

      1. Lupa touches the topic of people who feel/believe they have an animal soul inside. I haven’t had the chance to read her books yet.
        I don’t think you should be disappointed about the nature of the animal inside. If it is here, this is who you are.
        Do you get to pick your genes, choose your body or your soul?
        We are who/what we are, the sooner you accept it, the better it is and the sooner you can move on and keep going spiritually.

      2. Indeed. I quit fighting it. I can admire birds from afar, and I am thankful I got picked by the Avian One. Kin yes, and I should stop complaining. I’ve been much more at ‘center,’ since I quit the belly-aching. Hope that makes sense.

        It isn’t the animal soul inside, as I understand it – but a part of us that is animal. Maybe it’s the same thing, just semantics. Could be, perhaps I should look into her books.

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