Honoring the Dead

I am a Veteran of the US Army.

I take this night, to honor my fellow Vets both alive and those who aren’t. They both deserve an honor.

To those who served when no one else has the balls to, to those who walked the unmentioned hot zones because the media couldn’t eat it up, to those who stood firm as 1/2 million rioters came against you, to those who stayed awake for 36+ hours to keep the majority safe, I raise a toast, and a salute to you.

To those abused by the bureaucracy, to those killed by blind men and women in power. I toast, and salute you.

To those who had the real BALLS to put yourself aside for the greater good, I toast, and salute you.

To the Vets past, present, and future, I just solemnly salute you. It takes courage, and humility to put yourself aside so the rest of the country can have their happiness. To you, who call us ‘murderers,’ or ‘criminals,’ because we do what needs to be done, I have no words for you. Walk in our shoes – I dare you.

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One thought on “Honoring the Dead

  1. Elizabeth

    Hail to the warriors.

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