Crafting on the Herbst Moon

Typically I focus on the solar holiday, but this month is very personal. I spent the full moon working my own folk magic.

I can’t say it’s all glamorous, but I needed to clear my head, remove any ‘attachments,’ I’ve gained from ‘venturing forth,’ and the more deeper purposes which I won’t mention.

I collected willow sprigs, which I fashioned into a wreath. I collected ash sprigs to bless my home and us within it. I also visited a former body of water, which was full until this year’s drought. Now it’s bone dry. We walked to the ‘deepest,’ part of this lake-bed, and I found a bundle of bones.

A bundle, is nothing to sneeze at. It is just as potent as a skull. It is what is left,

I’m at the center of the former 13+ feet of water. Now, all gone.

and after bundled then  blessed can be just as potent as a fetish in it’s own right as a skull or collection of bones. I found sun-bleached fish bones (skull was obliterated), and when I picked them up my first intuition was sadness. Their home is gone. They are on my altar now, and I will work with them as this moon now wanes, to get to a point where I can work rain magic and a whole host of other potent magic with Them. Very few people think of the fish, besides the Salmon, but there is much to be had indeed.

I made a protective necklace of evil eye beads, red beads with their piercing eyes on green thread. Potent indeed. I made bundles for my home, to hang to work their purposes. I reworked my old opium pipe I got overseas that I use in ritual. It not only does it look lovely, but has so much meaning to me more now than ever. I jarred my harvested wild horsetail plants, and await to work with them further. I’m currently researching the power of 60+ year old glass beads. I will blog on this soon.

This moon has been good for me, and, well – I’m glad I Worked.

Small, but potent. Worked on the bear skin.

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3 thoughts on “Crafting on the Herbst Moon

  1. Alchemille

    Now this post sounds more like yourself ;).

    • Thanks for catching me in a tizzy. I have had a lot of thought about my books, blog, etc. – and I think I’m going to have to be quieter than normal. ‘Keep it in the family,’ sort of thing. So thank you for giving my brain something to chew on.

      I do feel more like myself today, much lighter. A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do somethings.

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