Blessing the Duck, and Secrets

15 thoughts on “Blessing the Duck, and Secrets”

  1. I’ve seen many blogs where they have the eye for it, but I’m not worried about it on my own blog. I am what I am.

    There are many blogs that are very pretty and witchy looking but have no actual substance. I think we’re in a dangerous time right now where too many people drawn to this sort of thing never get past the superficial, because the superficial is so glorified on Tumblr blogs and whatnot – endless streams of photographs of bones (by people who have never waded through decaying guts to clean them, and never fed the spirits afterwards), cool looking magical tools (by people who never use them), etc. Much better to talk about real Work and not spend so much time worrying about looking the part. Of course, there are a couple blogs that are both beautiful and deep, but it’s rare. Personally, I would love to be able to post more artwork and photos related to my Work, but I’m too busy with the Work itself, and blogging is not high on the priority list. Plus, most of the really interesting stuff is not for public consumption.

    Which brings me to the next thing: I think it’s worrisome to have people openly discuss even the deepest parts with – strangers? Right with you on this one. I am often shocked by what other people will divulge to casual acquaintances, not to mention the general public. Sarah Lawless talked about this awhile back: People are way too eager to share these days, to the point where there’s no concern for profaning the holy. I have been blogging awhile now, but I probably only share 10% of my actual practice. All the really important stuff is kept to myself. I choose privacy and sacredness over validation by others. It can be lonely at times, and challenging, but I think it’s a more respectful approach. Not to mention, ultimately more powerful.

    1. That’s really what got me thinking. I’m not ashamed to name my Gods, but – the deeper symbolism and rituals I can’t share, because, it’s too holy, too sacred for me.

      I’m actually on a reverting back to silence, because I’ve already seen my own photos being stolen, and my blog being quoted with no mention of the original author.

      98% of the Pagan community has no sense of the sacred, and I think that is truly sad.

      Yes, I firmly believe when you hunt your own game, the food does not taste bland, the skull is cleaned and has more meaning – because you looked it in the eye, you took it’s last breath into you. That’s powerful.

  2. Interestingly enough, yours is one of my favorite blogs. It feels authentic, not (to borrow a term from Isaac Bonewits) “fluffy bunny”. It is real, and not everything should be revealed. We each need to go to source and have revealed to us that which we are ready to know. And that means doing the work. But what you do provide are ideas, pathways to explore, methods to investigate. And for that I am grateful.

  3. You’ve already said a lot. I know I wouldn’t be so talkative with strangers, especially people I would probably never meet for real. It is understandable that some things will forever remain in your secret garden ;).

    As far as the sex appeal of your blog goes: I don’t judge a book by its cover, do you?

    1. That’s something that worries me. I know I’ve ‘tried,’ to be open, but deep down it was like pulling stitches out the closer I got. I am wondering if I should thin out my blog, or whether I should post my books on here. I’d love to have your advice.

      1. You seem to have chosen a specific, specialized path. I know that besides your book on the Bear Goddess I only found 1 book on the topic (“Religion Laid Bear”).
        If you consider that (your) knowledge must be shared, then by all means put it in a (substantial) book or more…;).
        I work with books a lot (specific literature) and spiritual work. There are a lot of book out there, some (few) are really good (often they go out of print) but most are either introductory, vague, not on depth and full of fluff (if they don’t just repeat stuff from other books).

  4. When witchcraft, shamanism and other form of paganism were not “accepted” by the commoners (and surely not as trendy as nowadays), the rule was to keep everything to oneself (especially since it could mean life or death for you).

    My motto (even as a child) as always been “the silence is golden”. I may share some little bits with trustworthy friends but that’s all.

      1. You, me and other followers of this blog are solitary spirit workers, we are not part of a community (for several reasons that have already been discussed on this blog) so why do you worry about alienation?
        The best advice I can give you is to be true to yourself and do what feels right…

  5. I look at it this way…my blog is for me. A place to share (or not) my thoughts, joyful and not. To share what makes me happy and what makes me mad. I share the words that I have been inspired to write or the crafts that I have been inspired to make. If someone else gets pleasure out of that great! If not, not my problem. I’ve even had someone tell me that I shouldn’t put such emotional stuff out in public. I told her she didn’t need to read it if it made her uncomfortable…

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