4 thoughts on “Herbst”

  1. Sorry I am posting this totally unrelated to above post but I just got hold of this link today and thought you might be interested; from a fellow I admire in both his work and his mythos – Jake posted the Arctic Fire bladesmith gathering in Alaska; the forging by the light of the moon work he did is VERY interesting. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98X8R-S3RA

  2. Your ladder is really a striking and powerful idea, and I love how it was executed too. Even when they wouldn’t necessarily apply to my own practice, I get a lot of inspiration from other spirit-workers’ tools when they are handmade and deeply significant, so thank you for that – there’s sadly little of it around.

    And good luck with your hunting this season!

    1. I love that ladder. Once trance gets deeper, I can run my fingers as well as other means and ‘climb,’ which really helps me. It hangs on my stange/staff which is my ‘world tree,’ and it works wonderfully for me.

      Thank you for that comment, as I blush.

      Thanks for the luck! With the loud Oktoberfest going on there wasn’t much game for miles, I hope now that it’s quieter we can get out this weekend. Would be nice, if nothing else for a walk outdoors in really nice weather.

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