Last Call for any Oracles

Tomorrow’s the day – I have only three slots open in total because it’s been YEARS since I delved into my oracular… Anything.

The email is

Now, be aware I will be going to my Gods first, if others answer I’ll let you know. My Gods are primal, blunt, and to the point. There is no charge at all, and at midnight I’ll be closing it off as I begin preparations for tomorrow night.

*** Insert my face-palm to myself. It does help to explain how it works with me doesn’t it? Sigh. I hate my brain sometimes.

Basically, just send me an inquiry via email – keep the inquiry as simple as possible, without any extras. Just the question. I will give you a response on Saturday morning via email.

(Thank you Achimille, I forgot about that – goes to show how rusty I am)

**** One slot left.

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7 thoughts on “Last Call for any Oracles

  1. Alchemille

    I’m still interested but how do(es) it/you work exactly?

  2. How often will you be doing this? I may have a question for Arta eventually, but not quite there yet.

    • I’m aiming for another one in October, if not early November. I hope things are going well for you with Arta, She can be… Well – Arta.

      • Good, that will work out for me, timing-wise.

        Not actually working directly with Arta, don’t really know Her at all, but have followed a weirdly twisting path that has resulted in a lot of contact with bears in a spiritual context, so figure She’s the one to go to with questions.

      • I’d be honored to do that for you!

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