Making Smokes

2 thoughts on “Making Smokes”

  1. I think you can still sell herbal blends (excuse me while I look longingly at my crossroads blend I *still* haven’t used, and I hope hasn’t gone “bad”) on Etsy… but yeah, you have to watch what you say. Can’t talk about the magical properties of a thing without someone whinging about how their life did not become amazingly awesome to staff. *rolls eyes*

    1. That was my reaction – an epic eye roll. The hell did you expect with no ‘umph’ behind it?

      I am working on a blend to open one to the Gods, it’ll probably be honey or rum cured, depending. So far, the raw ingredients by themselves are very potent – hence, why I want to keep it private. You can’t give the regular joe some of these ingredients, despite the warnings of ‘TAKE IT SLOW.’

      So far, the blends have been pure awesome. Too bad Etsy won’t let me tell you about it.

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