Busy Saturday

While I didn’t get to metalwork today (due to pet-sitting my sister’s terrier mix that loves to run as well as ruin things inside your home), I did manage to get some things done.

I did manage to finish my two new skulls – one begotten by trading (Thank you

The book is ‘The Druid’s Primer,’ of which I was tickled pink to find my own Arta mentioned therein! The seeds have been planted, the skull fleshed with ochre, and the rest is a smile and a hug to the Hubs!

BlueDruid) was the cat skull, which is something I’ve asked for in the past. Funny how when you cease to look, things just appear sometimes? The coyote skull is my other addition – and I’m thrilled with both. Finished at the new moon, I think they are fine vessels for Work. I also received seeds, a book from BlueDruid, and I was gifted a silver bowl, hagstone, and a skeleton key from my Hubs as ‘I love you,’ gifts. He’s awesome.

The reddening doesn’t show on these skulls for some reason – perhaps my ochre isn’t thick enough? They have been fleshed anew regardless, and tonight I will sing to them in the dark of the darkest part of the lunar cycle.

Thank you Boomer! Again, it’s grey, but… The ochre just flaked off. It’s frustrating. Both skulls were painted after the ochre, but I will be doing more research for next time.


Thank you BlueDruid!! The ochre did turn the skulls a shade of grey – but.. I was surprised by how much didn’t stick! When I brushed off the ochre, it wasn’t red, but my fingers tingled regardless. Still, perhaps next time I’ll make everything thicker.

My duck skull is still ‘brewing,’ in the maceration process. It’s coming along nicely, but it’ll probably be another few weeks before it gets it’s hydrogen peroxide bath. Still hoping for a goose-skull, but not looking at the same time.

Recycled steel, paint, and patience. I think it’ll work well.

I also finished painting my latest addition to my tools – a center point, it’s a holder for my stange/staff as the World Tree, a center to an indoors crossroads. It’s light, so I can take it to the literal crossroads as well. Made from scrap steel, I think it’ll work well for it’s purpose. Tonight I’ll find out!

I made a skeleton key, hagstone, and mink vertebrea charm today also. I saw this site years ago (http://cornishwitchcraft.co.uk/images-tools.html), add that in with Sarah Lawless’ charms, I wanted to try my hand at making one for myself. Nope, just one – for me and mine only. So thanks to you who inspired me. My next project is to try to work with the lucky Chinese coins I was given while I was overseas in the Army. I don’t know what to do yet, but I’ll figure something out.

No, I won’t be making any more. This was an inspired project, and I will leave the furthering of these potent charms to those who originally inspired me. I think it’ll work beautifully for my household though, to be sure.

So tonight will be just me, myself, and I at the dark of the moon. It’s been a busy day sure, with the barbequed food we had, and the projects, but I still have that little knick in my shoulder to forge. I’ll get to it tomorrow, as I need to finish the last two mirrors for my store, and try to get the handles finished for my new knives.

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9 thoughts on “Busy Saturday

  1. Wow the skull looks beautiful! So glad you have him 🙂

  2. Very nice. Do the discuss symbols on your skulls with the public? I think your bear skulls are fire and ice themed…Coyote would be Earth and Cat, Air?

    • The colors aren’t represented as elements in the coyote and cat skull; but the two bear skulls are fire and ice which are integral in my practice. The symbolism is for me very deep, and I am shy about talking about it outright. Forgive me on that account.

      • We all have our secrets when it comes to the craft. 🙂

      • Thank you for understanding! I’ve lost would-be friends because I an shy about just – opening up about my barest of bones…

      • I have more things in secret than I do in the open, and I am fairly open about being a Witch. I don’t belong to a coven or group or order or whatever, I just feel a lot of things should only be known to me and those in Elphame. I always say “Not everything you see with me is what it appears. The eyes show the Illusion, the Mark will show Truth”.

        I need something else to say, that always sounds so Dungeons and Dragons lol.

      • As it should be I think. We do all have our secrets. I talk openly about a lot, but there is much more that I don’t. There’s only so much you want to trust the whole internet with.

      • Well, since there isn’t a reply to you two – I’ll do it here. Thanks for understanding, and I think I’ll blog about this soon, so again – thanks for the inspiration!

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