Busy Saturday

9 thoughts on “Busy Saturday”

    1. The colors aren’t represented as elements in the coyote and cat skull; but the two bear skulls are fire and ice which are integral in my practice. The symbolism is for me very deep, and I am shy about talking about it outright. Forgive me on that account.

      1. I have more things in secret than I do in the open, and I am fairly open about being a Witch. I don’t belong to a coven or group or order or whatever, I just feel a lot of things should only be known to me and those in Elphame. I always say “Not everything you see with me is what it appears. The eyes show the Illusion, the Mark will show Truth”.

        I need something else to say, that always sounds so Dungeons and Dragons lol.

      2. As it should be I think. We do all have our secrets. I talk openly about a lot, but there is much more that I don’t. There’s only so much you want to trust the whole internet with.

      3. Well, since there isn’t a reply to you two – I’ll do it here. Thanks for understanding, and I think I’ll blog about this soon, so again – thanks for the inspiration!

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