Feeling the first chill officially –

6 thoughts on “Feeling the first chill officially –”

  1. There are days like that when everything and everyone feels strange (even your own husband, something like “do I know you?”) …Like being inside a bubble or waking up from a dream (I read Dver’s post as well, but the awakening from the Matrix happened several years ago…).

    I’m also yearning for the Fall and doing some real work…Right now I study, mostly.

    Do you still plan to do an oracular session? How do you (prefer to) work? Should I ask a (somewhat specific) question or do I just let you channel some info?

    1. I am aiming for an oracular session – though, no emails for questions though. If you want me to just ‘ask in general,’ sure – I can.

      It is strange, because when you actually do it – it’s.. Wierd. I don’t have those moments with the Hubs (due to both of us doing it together) but it doesn’t lessen any of it – now it’s TWO people, not just one!

      1. I think it mostly stems from my husband still saying “I can’t believe you’re here” even though I moved to the US 10 years ago…
        Part of us must be stuck in a time bubble somewhere in Strangeland ;).

    1. You hit the nail on the head with the ‘Evolving Patron Relationships’ post. Mine has changed, and it’s been hard – but very enlightening in the long run. For a stubborn woman like me, it does take a hard thwack to the temple sometimes.

      1. I loved the ‘Varying Deity Relationships,’ post too. I feel Arta the strongest in caverns and at work – my whole shop is dark and full of metalworkers, and sometimes it reminds me of the Underworld in it’s own way.

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