Feeling the first chill officially –

Which I actually feel giddy over – that tickle in your gut that tells you that change is very much in the air. I sense something else – good change. It’s about DAMNED TIME!

I have spent the day pondering Dver’s post – and I stood in a moment to myself – and just, looked, at the world around me. Granted, that world consisted of my fellow co-workers humming around; but I did take a look. It felt like being inside a 3-D television show, all the happenings and goings on, around me oblivious to what’s next to them. Tunnel vision? I don’t know, in reality. It was eerie regardless, being surrounded by familiarity and known people though. Sure, this happens to me quite often but the strangeness hasn’t left yet. Hypnotizing? Subdued mindset? De-sensitization? I wish I knew – knowing the name of the nameless does sometimes make it less strange. Sometimes.

I am also preparing for the new moon, in which I will be delving into the spirit work heavily with my Bird God, to learn what I can. Already I do feel that as far as being ‘picked, chosen, etc.,’ I think it’s more akin to getting picked for the job, not necessarily for the deity. Sure, it was their choosing for whatever reason, but while I may always now be Arta’s child, I am also kin to my other Gods. I think it’s more occupational, in my case.

I work so heavily with spirits I don’t think that thinking of my practice that way would work – though my life is heavily guided (or directed mostly) by my Gods, I don’t think I get any more special attention from them than say – some other person who is picked by the same Gods, or two, three, or one of Them. Granted, I’d LOVE to meet one of them, because seeing things from their side can be very enlightening indeed!

As the seasons change, I am working on my ‘connection,’ to Them that be as it has been getting heavier and heavier with the more astute turnings to the Autumn season. I am feeling even my feet want to venture to the fields to find wild foods and herbs, and to my altar room to do work (despite how sore they are from industrial work!). The more I just ‘shut up and listen,’ the more I glean. I know, this is old hat to many – but to me it hasn’t yet ceased to astound me.

So, while the Autumn axle is turning, I do wonder as I remember myself in their state – I don’t clearly remember when I ‘woke up,’ but I did. I actually stopped three of them as they hurried past me, and asked about the immediate surroundings. I got confusion, and aggravation. What’s the difference between them and me?

I will think about this over a bowl of dark cavendish, and a chilled glass of rum.

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6 thoughts on “Feeling the first chill officially –

  1. Alchemille

    There are days like that when everything and everyone feels strange (even your own husband, something like “do I know you?”) …Like being inside a bubble or waking up from a dream (I read Dver’s post as well, but the awakening from the Matrix happened several years ago…).

    I’m also yearning for the Fall and doing some real work…Right now I study, mostly.

    Do you still plan to do an oracular session? How do you (prefer to) work? Should I ask a (somewhat specific) question or do I just let you channel some info?

    • I am aiming for an oracular session – though, no emails for questions though. If you want me to just ‘ask in general,’ sure – I can.

      It is strange, because when you actually do it – it’s.. Wierd. I don’t have those moments with the Hubs (due to both of us doing it together) but it doesn’t lessen any of it – now it’s TWO people, not just one!

      • Alchemille

        I think it mostly stems from my husband still saying “I can’t believe you’re here” even though I moved to the US 10 years ago…
        Part of us must be stuck in a time bubble somewhere in Strangeland ;).

  2. This time of year just teases me frustratingly – we’ll get a chill, then it will be 90, then it will be cool again… I just want it to be autumn already! 🙂

    I think it’s more occupational, in my case.
    I get that. I sort of talk about it a bit here, especially in relation to Apollon – http://forestdoor.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/varying-deity-relationships/

    • You hit the nail on the head with the ‘Evolving Patron Relationships’ post. Mine has changed, and it’s been hard – but very enlightening in the long run. For a stubborn woman like me, it does take a hard thwack to the temple sometimes.

      • I loved the ‘Varying Deity Relationships,’ post too. I feel Arta the strongest in caverns and at work – my whole shop is dark and full of metalworkers, and sometimes it reminds me of the Underworld in it’s own way.

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