Upheavels are the sinus-clearing spices of life

Etno’s book has been scrapped as a project, but I will finish it and offer it for free on this blog for you to download and read as you like. My drawing pad died on us, and we don’t have the finances to buy even a cheapie, so I had to back out of that project as well. Funny, usually when it rains it pours – I got a flash flood.

Managed to get some knives into my store, thanks to the nice break from the

Finished them this weekend.

heat. I have several other knives I’ve finished, but the handles are giving me grief. I wish I was a better woodworker, I really do. I have one more ash handle I’m working on, as well as two elm handles. I’m going to try (re-iterate – TRY) to carve images onto them – sigh. We’ll find out.

I’ve also changed what the proceeds are going to on my store. They will be aiding my hubs and I in our savings for adopted children. Anything you buy will go expressly to that goal. I would be humbled and grateful for any purchase.

It’s times like these that I am also grateful to my Gods in however strange of a group it ended up being. I didn’t pick any of them – I wouldn’t in my own right. Maybe that’s why the trance-work is so intense – because it was deity initiated, not the other way ’round. No, it doesn’t make me any more special than the next person, nor a better person (and if you’ve read many of my posts you’d notice that I can be as much an asshole as anyone else).

It does give me a jaded and gritty approach though – because when you actually walk in the other-worlds you see the world in various sides and truths. The picture more often than not is not a pretty scene. When it’s times like these where I’m so crest-fallen it’s hard to breathe, I am grateful the Gods and spirits call me to do some pretty damned heavy work.

And for the first time, I will be opening an oracle for those who want to ask questions of the Bear Mother, Antlered Spinner, or the Bird God. I’m still in the ‘pup stage,’ to ask Lupa much – give me more time to understand Her. It will be the eve of my holiday of Herbst – September. 21. Bear in mind my Gods are pretty primal. My email is bottledhammer@yahoo.com if you want to do this.

So in closing, I’m off to take another crack at those handles, and try to get some rest in before the work-week begins.




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8 thoughts on “Upheavels are the sinus-clearing spices of life

  1. Karen

    I like your savings goal, and would like to contribute towards it in some way. My hobbies/things that I’m sort of good at are chainmaille, and taxidermy. Can’t mail a skull overseas, so can I make you earrings and/or a bracelet or something that you can either keep, if you like it, or sell to further your goal? (I’m not good with knowing where social boundaries are, so if this is weird then feel free to tell me to sod off, but I feel Prompted by Them to at least offer.)

    • I appreciate the offer – if you want to, you can add as you like! Feel free! And, I will give many offerings of thanks to you and your own Ancestors in thanks!

      • Karen

        Can I please have your wrist circumference? Also, do you have pierced ears, or metal allergies?

      • The only metal allergies I have are nickel and zinc. Wrist is 8 inches… You don’t have to make it for me though – any contribution is truly loved.

  2. Alchemille

    September 21st happens to be my birthday…Maybe I should request an oracle then ;). What is your price?

  3. Babs

    Well don’t worry about my book. I know that sooner or later you will get a new drawing pad and continue work.

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