Typing, thinking.

So I sit here taking a break from writing Etno’s book, and trying to make sense of a God that’s about as easy to understand as trying to catch a wild bird with your own hands. It’s been an infuriating learning curriculum, to be sure!

I’ve been very surprised at the un-emotional nature of the Upperworlds, as well as the formal nature many of my visits there have been.

And, thinking about what knife to work on next. There will be more leaf-blades made from recycled steel, as well as more of my hefty knifes – maybe a bowie knife if I can get away with it. Definitely another ash-handled knife (probably the dagger I started), and two knives with an oak handle. I will be metalworking tomorrow due to the nice break in the weather, working onwards to my goal for fully stocking my store by November.

I will try my hand at torcs here pretty soon. I was thinking of not only copper, but aluminum as well, for the urban or modern pagan. Thoughts on this?

A big part of the sales on my Etsy store are going towards replacing my bow, and getting my hunting license renewed. It’s been a hard year, and an extremely trying summer. I guess we’ll have to see in the long run.

I will also try to make a few lanterns as well – tinkering with sheet metal and punches to see what I can come up with.

Just, letting you know, is all.

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5 thoughts on “Typing, thinking.

  1. Alchemille

    Lanterns could be nice. I’m very fond of the Moroccan ones…I that something you’d have in mind for inspiration?

    • I was thinking more akin to 17th to 19th century American, but I can look into more exotic venues ;).

  2. Copper torq… yummm. I’ve always wanted a torq and it has moved very much to the forefront of my mind since first encountering MR Pants.

    1 vote for torqs? 😉

    p.s. I know your work is generally larger pieces, but are you able to forge simple rings?

    • Yes, I do smaller pieces, in fact this winter I will expressly be re-opening my old clunker of a brain to delve back into jewelry making. My father still does it, so I can ask him if I have any hang-ups; not sure what I’ll make yet, but definitely a torc or two.

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