Looking at the situation side-ways

3 thoughts on “Looking at the situation side-ways”

  1. I’m on a shamanic path and I do agree with you on the fact that Gods/Spirits chose the people they wish to work with and/or teach to. I’ve had some come to me out of the blue in dreams, journeys or other occasions.
    As for metalwork ideas, what about daggers (ok it’s still some kind of knife) or arrowheads? I don’t know if you wish to touch to jewelry but then what about a torc? My 2 cents worth…
    I too need to relearn German (I spoke German even before French)…So many things too learn, so little time (maybe I need a little bit more focus and discipline too).

    1. Nice idea – torcs… I hadn’t thought of it before. I wonder, I do have left over aluminum that I can make for the urban/modern pagan to connect to.. Maybe?

      I fully plan on getting neck-deep again in jewelry (my father is a jeweler) and see what ‘other’ metalwork I can come up with – mostly saved for days that it’s too cold out here to forge as it does get below Zero here. Thank you for reminding me.

      Yes, I grew up speaking German and French from family – but… You don’t use it – you lose it.

      Yes, I’m not sure what to think of a predominantly Celto-Germanic path now mixed with a Roman wolf will hold – I have no clue. I guess I’ll find out?

      1. Spirits are full of surprises…They can make you travel the world(s) and time without ever getting outside of your house 😉

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