Blue Moon

Sigh. Freakin’ oldies. Why is it when you hear .5 seconds of it – the whole thing plays in your head while stuck on repeat all day?

Anyway. My blue moon was busy. I went gathering and wild-crafting (thanks to my Ma-in Law for letting me take clippings not only from her garden, but letting me walk on the edges of their property with the clippers. Thank you!) I came home with water-mint, wild peppermint, sage, russian sage, and lemon balm. And my time outdoors gathering herbs has just begun with an awesome start.

I made cough syrup from them, and they’re coming onto their own very nicely. They should be ready in another month, just in time for the cold season’s start. So far, pretty good. I also harvested all the aloe I could for my burn ointment, being a blacksmith and welder.. I go through this really quickly. I made a press from tin foil and juiced the cuttings. Worked beautifully.

3.57 pounds of aloe, ready to be juiced.

The folds do matter tremendously in the home-made press. Two layers of tin foil and some sort of origami make an effective method for juicing.

It works pretty well actually.

Speaking of plants – I am going to attempt an experiment over the winter. I’ve

My first little bean plant for the winter gardening.

been doing shit-loads of research on winter gardening indoors. I don’t know how well it’ll go (being my first time) but I’ll give it a shot. Considering that the outdoor garden was obliterated by the drought, maybe I’ll have better luck with controlled conditions indoors. This is the first year in many that I’ve lost the entire garden. Usually, it does pretty damned good – but not this year. I’ll try my hand over winter – apparently many have had success with it. I guess I’ll just find out.

Also, I’ve been doing some metalworking, and finished the blades under the

The seax is about 8 inches without the handle, the leaf-blade is damn near 14 inches.

light of the blue moon. Four gleaming beauties, of which one is almost completed. I made a seax blade, with a recycled ash ax handle. It’s very sturdy and I think the ash handle fits in beautifully. When it’s finished it’ll be on my store if anyone wants it.


I am still debating on whether or not to make the spear. The main concern I have is  shipping. The post-mistress out here is very, very, very picky on how things are packaged, and where they’re going to. Maybe I can get away with a short-spear, say four feet?

The other knives I made I tried an old technique as I tinker with my memory

The leaf-blade will be rewrapped, it was wrapped just for the photo.

and old notes from when I apprenticed. Damn, has it been 12 years since then? The knives I made this time are ovular if cross-cut, and very smooth. I am going to try a different handle wrap for them, and I have another diamond hand-guard I made also. I’ll keep tinkering.

During this moon, I blessed my new anvil – made by my loving Hubs and his colleague Mr. Mecalco Jr. Thanks to both of you!

The ritual end of things, was spent with Etno. I am having to just admit that I have become a moon and sun worshiper through Etno and Karnona. I have been driven nuts trying to work with Etno – sure, lunar and weather I understand, a God of the Urban environment, sure. Learning and science? Yep, check. Music and Art? Oh fuck yes. But – just ‘Bird,’ in general? No starting place? The approach I’ve had has been so vague I’ve been stumbling all over the damned place.

It was the blue moon, might as well take this rare opportunity to just ask the lunar bird God no? It took some time, because we all know how birds are when you approach them. Goose was the answer.

FINALLY – a starting place. Goose, then raven, turkey, hawk, finch, dove, owl, and onto other plethora of birds. Finally.

So, my blue moon was not wasted. I also re-made my prayer beads from the red volcanic glass and some recycled red glass beads I have. Thanks again to Dver – without her trade, my prayer beads would not be complete – with the bear claw, antler, and now bird foot. Not only do I value her opinions, but I count her as a friend if only on my end. Kinda hard not to with awesome people, ya know?

It was the blue moon that really showed me that I have what I need to Work, and my time for always looking is over. Sure, I’ll still window shop – mostly for books though. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough knowledge. It was a surprise, and a relief at the same time. Those rare moments when the gears of life are in sync, and you can breathe, if only for that moment.

I hope your blue moon was awesome too.


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5 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Babs

    My blood moon was awe inspiring. I didn’t spend it at home but I wen to the beach and walked on the boardwalk with my mom. It helped reconnect us during all of this tension of moving. I felt a strong connection with Diana and the moon as I looked upon it. I feel like I am truly blessed by her.The moonlight shining on the water after the sun set was amazing.

  2. And thank you for the trade as well, I finally consecrated the knife on Friday night and it is sure to become a powerful tool for me!

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