Metal Work Trance

I know what you’re thinking – yes, it’s hard work, sweaty, and if you don’t watch your fingers you might lose them… It’s physically demanding, and that’s over an 8 hour day – and then some.

How is that – different from the hard-dancing of other traditions?

When I work metal, either professionally or on my own time – I go into a deep trance. I can’t help it really. Some guys at work call it ‘the zone,’ or ‘my zen.’ I’m left in peace, to do ‘my thing.’

But, they’ve noticed that when they hold my work, their moods change. Their day changes. I do wonder about you guys who bought my knives – what do you feel? Any thoughts come to mind? Nykti? Dver?

I go into a rhythm, a ‘dance,’ of my own metalworking. I can go pretty damned far too. I get insights, keenings, and I get to be one on one with my Gods, as if they stand beside me physically. I work with my spirits, very closely.

It is in this state, that I make my knives, jewelry, and other metalwork. I hope this makes sense, as some of you may dance – my ‘drum tapper,’ is a hammer.


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