Updated: Rushing

Now I have a Paula Abdule song stuck in my head. Sigh.

But, sometimes it’s hard to take advice. You get hurt, defensive, angry, and some people actually stop listening altogether – just shutting down. It’s only human to react, after all. I did ask afterall, and I appreciate the honesty.

I sat and pondered this today – why am I trying to rush? What’s the point? It won’t make omens appear, my spirit-work to show it’s fruits, or the seasons change any faster.

So there I was thinking about it staring at my welding, and my professional metalworking brought up my passion for smithing: because my own work as a passion shouldn’t be rushed either.

And it’s true, before all the fancy tools there was elbow grease and basic tools. Basically, similar to what I have. Maybe… I don’t need those fancy things, I just need to slow the shit down; pull out my old books and notes, and ticker like a mad-woman. After all, Autumn is just around the corner. Those stainless knives were not rushed, but I took my sweet-ass time with them. Lesson learned.

I need to re-explore the methods and techniques, and see what I can dig out of my memory. Maybe now that I’m a bit older some of the more difficult techniques will ‘click,’ or, I might have a new perspective on new ways to work metal. It takes tinkering, trial and error – and to Dreema thanks for the YouTube idea. I’ll keep looking, there’s got to be a video on older methods of metalworking… Not a historical account, but the nitty gritty process of it.

And, I’m going to switch gears a bit and get back to drawing, and finishing my third book on my Bird God Etno. I will post more on my store as it happens, but for now I’m deliberately going to slow the fuck down, and take a breather.

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3 thoughts on “Updated: Rushing

  1. Babs

    I would hate to pull you away from your metal working but my second book is hanging over my head and I want to see the drawings 🙂

    • I’ll finish them, no worries. Now that I’m switching gears for slowing, maybe that’ll be the spark I need!

  2. dreema

    And I cheer for you – truly I do! Tinker to your hearts content, fiddle about, doodle, stare out the window…whatever it takes. And breathe! Some of my work is on my own blog: http://oyasdaughter.wordpress.com/ and I’ve had to take time off on a huge canvas because I was rushing it. It may not be ready for the deadline I wanted to submit it to, but the same damn competition will be there next year, and many more besides.


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