4 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. I don’t think it’s just rushing that can leave you unaware of the seasons, for me it’s living in my head too much! This year I have practically been asleep all winter and on a hiatus from academic study, so I’ve had lots of slowing down time. (pregnant with low iron, low b12, etc, meant I was sleeping from about 9 at night until 2 in the afternoon for months at a time). But what really prevented me from noting the changes around me and marking them was that I was so busy debating with myself in my head that I didn’t notice what was literally happening under my feet.

    In an odd way I think a busier lifestyle with a kid under my feet will help me focus on what is happening around me a lot more. I will be forced out of my head by being constantly responsible for another person.

    Anyway, not sure what that ramble was for now…but interesting post as always, and I LOVE the things in your store, I’m hoping in December I can convince Hubby to let me get something, even if it has to be posted all the way from America!

    1. Everyone’s wired differently, for me the rush had given me tunnel vision. I hated it, and I guess I’m not suited for the fast-paced world. But, that’s just me. I’m glad you love the store, today I’m off to metalwork and add more knives and other metal goods to it. Thanks for replying!

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