I have too many of them. They’re not all nice, but I’m trying to limit the ‘inner asshole,’ these days.

Anyway, today I felt the first cool winds of the seasonal change, and it would appear Autumn is right around the corner.

This means: My smithing season is very close.My store will have many more metal creations in it. It really all depends on what material I can get my mitts on. Steel is by far the easiest, hence why so many of my items are steel. Copper is more expensive than gold – so the likelihood of getting more is… Probably a pipe dream more than anything. More leaf stainless steel blades might happen, if I can find more material. I am not above dumpster diving, junk-yard raiding, or pillaging rubbish bins.

And to Dver, thanks for being a sounding board for a grumpy Arctolator. I appreciate it. There will be many more Pagan tools available, and I’m always up for ideas (I don’t know what tools are needed, or what many people use, or would like. Google doesn’t help much with that surprisingly. I would ask around in person, but I’m the only Pagan out here…).

There will be one scrying mirror for sure, it has a backing of brown recycled saddle leather. Due to it’s heft (1.5 pounds) the shipping won’t be the same. I’m sorry about that, but the flying monkeys formed a union – and they’re still on strike. The Keebler Elves won’t answer my calls either. Sorry, the wise-ass hair curled a bit today. The USPS prices aren’t what they used to be.

There will be one damascus knife there too. Now, it took me a LONG time to forge it, and that was when I had access to a hydrolic hammer. It was only folded 77 times. Sadly, that’s just how it is. I don’t have access to that hammer anymore; so it’s pure muscle power with hand tools now. I have to price it much higher than I’d like, because I want this to go to a good home. It has a handle of white-tail deer leg and a steel cross-guard. The pictures will be added this weekend, or tomorrow if everything goes smoothly.

Also, September is the time of harvests yes – mine consists of wild-foods (what I can find), jellies, canning, pickling, and the traditional food of sausage and cheese. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make blackberry wine this year, I really hope I get to.

This is also a major festival, when the summer ends and the ‘dead’ season begins. In my belief, the Beloved Dead walk among us for a season, it culminates at the Winter Solstice, and fades at Ostern.

It will be the time when we ‘send off’ our little ‘cub’ that was created in an ‘adoption,’ a ritual that was done at Ostern. It is time for the little creation to return to the Primal Bear Mother, with our well wishes and ceremony, as well as prayers sent along with it.

With that said, I stood outside and I could feel the winds changing, the land changing, almost like a giant gear moving one notch.

Looking back, I remember when I first became Pagan, I was young. I was constantly surprised when the seasons changed, or when a holiday came around. It bothered the shit out of me, and it also bothered me that no one else I knew was bothered by that. I looked up to find that I had missed the full moon entirely, or I step outside to snow – because winter came without me knowing it. I don’t know how many golden words I said to myself.

I’ve gotten much better about it, it took years of getting the rushing lifestyle out of me so I can take notice of the world around me, and when I couldn’t avoid the rush – how to incorporate the signs and seasonal changes. I do wonder how many omens and signs I missed in my youth. You know, the shit that was trying to warn me I was about to do something stupid. Would’ve been nice.

So if you don’t see something in my store and want to know why – just let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Natalie Reed

    Copper….pipe dream…..just wanted to let you know that someone got that! Also, what is your Etsy shop name?

  2. Hortensia

    I don’t think it’s just rushing that can leave you unaware of the seasons, for me it’s living in my head too much! This year I have practically been asleep all winter and on a hiatus from academic study, so I’ve had lots of slowing down time. (pregnant with low iron, low b12, etc, meant I was sleeping from about 9 at night until 2 in the afternoon for months at a time). But what really prevented me from noting the changes around me and marking them was that I was so busy debating with myself in my head that I didn’t notice what was literally happening under my feet.

    In an odd way I think a busier lifestyle with a kid under my feet will help me focus on what is happening around me a lot more. I will be forced out of my head by being constantly responsible for another person.

    Anyway, not sure what that ramble was for now…but interesting post as always, and I LOVE the things in your store, I’m hoping in December I can convince Hubby to let me get something, even if it has to be posted all the way from America!

    • Everyone’s wired differently, for me the rush had given me tunnel vision. I hated it, and I guess I’m not suited for the fast-paced world. But, that’s just me. I’m glad you love the store, today I’m off to metalwork and add more knives and other metal goods to it. Thanks for replying!

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